Pictures freaked me out!

Last Thursday I sat with my neuro, we went through my scans from about 3 weeks ago. I have to say when I first saw them my mouth hit the floor. I took a second look and said to my neuro, ummmm this looks like a Halloween pic (he laughed). I took a third look and said, this looks like two people dancing in my face (he really laughed). For some reason I have yet been able to associate these pictures (expecially the 1st one) as my head. I thought if I gave it the weekend that I would feel different, give it a few days. Wrong!

I look at them and it's still not me! It's Halloween Pictures! It's a skelton with half it's head missing. I told my son that when Halloween comes I could just make copies and decorate the windows with them. I find humor in them but then feel bad because I found humor in them. Someone said that is because I have not accepted it. Everyday I have to remember that I have it this way right now, How the heck can someone say I have not accepted it.

I looked at this person and said "Hey! everything you take for granted like dropping something on the floor under the table, I don't! I have to remember every moment that if I hit my head it could be a catastrophe".

I'm angry today that people say stupid things but I do understand that it's because they don't understand. I would just like someone to understand today!!!

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those are very kool looking…the 1st one looks like a jazz band between ur eyes…like someone playing a horn of some sort…i had a friend that had a tumor removed along with a plate of her skull…she wears wigs because of course u cant grow hair from your brain…she looks fabulous and her disposition is wonderfully optomistic…she is cancer free minus a pc of her head,but you know what she tells me “I’M ALIVE!” lets celebrate what we have been graciously blessed with.,our lives…thank the Lord we are alive…


I agree totally with your friend and I also totally agree with you the fact that it looks like jazz is being played in my Cool looking is maybe why I can't associate it as my own face and

I'm just hoping the music is good..LOL


Wish I could hug you....some people are either so stupid or after our annie's...we learn so much about people...

Healing prayers your way...Colleen

it will be …God has got something great being conducted in that head of yours…lol…a masterpiece i bet…:wink:

Kimberley...I love your humor... you have big beautiful eyes... what greater compliment may I give?

Then, I imagined the two were dancers... which reflects our vision...well, when we have it!

Seems fairly common for family/friends/associates to think if we can shower/dress we are normal...

I am so glad you have the sensibility / capacity to track how you control your head / movement.

Hugs and prayers to it August you go back in?

They are very interesting and I see your part in it all. If we don't have humor in our lives what do we have.....

pressing the like button on ur comment…wonderful!

You are such an inspiration. It does look like a jazz band in your head…I feel like you are so strong. Where do you pull the strength from? You have been through way more than me. If you remember, we had our surgeries with in days of each other. I just got released from the hospital yesterday because I had a headache x5 days in my right eye. Uggg. I am so sick of not feeling well…My right eye hurts and I have to see my neurophthamologist next week. I am afraid something is wrong again. My anuerysm was located on my right optic nerve…I wonder if scar tissue can build up there? Any how just wanted to tell you, YOU are my inspiration. Hang in there. I guess thats all we can do.

Hello everyone!!

Sorry it's taken awhile to reply but I was getting ready for visitors from England :-)

They are here now and have been for a week, they leave on thursday :-(

I go back to the hospital on the same day for more antibiotic tests. The last two failed!

Thanks so much for the comments and seeing the humor in this. For those who asked, my next surgery is sometime in late August. I am looking forward to filling the ditch in my head :-)

It's been something else with the mosquitos bitting me in the

I hope that all is well with everyone, your all in my thoughts and prayers...check back again after my visitors have gone home...Take care all!!!!

Kimberley,,,,you are such an inspiration...I hope you are planning...working on...your story publication.

How is your sis doing? Forgive me if I have the wrong person /thought...

You truly are such an inspiration...let those mosquitos know they may get the wrong toxin! You are one to always jog humor...

Enjoy your company....

Hugs and prayers,,,