Why Is It?

Okay first of all no millions bucks in the mailbox! LOL But thank you for all your prayers because the news I got so far is way so much better.I was so scared about this angiogram because although I know God has never left my side,I wasn't feeling his presence like I wanted to.He must have been a little preoccupied with something big and thats why he left you angels to help me and pray for me.Thank you.I know sometimes those simple words just dont seem to be enough but if you could only feel what is in my heart as I say them you would also know the significance of those two little words.

Okay back to angoigram results the new aneurysm that they thought I had wasn't one(don't know what it is just yet) and I have to go back Monday to really get the full details HOWEVER when my doc said "I'm very pleased with what I saw" I'll take it as a BLESSING.

Now for the WHY IS IT question. It's not really a question as much as I need your feedback to see if anyone has this experience. A loved one recently (my fiance) devasted my world when he made the remark "There's nothing wrong with your brain" so can someone tell me

WHY IS IT that some days I can recall something clear as a bell and on other days I may need to remind myself something so simple as to what day of the week it is over and over again?

WHY IS IT that I can be fine one moment have an excruciating headache the next?

WHY IS IT that I can function with so much pain but I know I have no choice but to put a smile on my face,suck it up,and do things anyway because I'm just so greatful to be alive and all this stuff seems to be so small after all we've been through?

WHY IS IT a person can do one task just fine one day and the next have trouble doing the same task the next?

Why IS IT that I am still able to see when the doctor was concerned about me losing my eyesight?

I don't know why HOWEVER I do know that it is what it is AND because I can accept that fact AND I'm so very greatful to just be alive AND can do the things I can do when I can do them.And I also know that no one would ever fake anything like this as he implied.So am I WRONG in thinking that after everything we go through or have gone through that the WHY IS NOT IMPORTANT after all why is it the sun still rises every morning? I don't know and really don't care WHY!!No one ever wants to be sick or hurting. So one more time I am asking for your help telling me that I am not the only one to have some of these issues(just to name a few) and we simply deal with it and thank you for letting me vent as well.

hi Darlene- Im so happy for you,please don't beat yourself up wondering WHY? i do too,also forgive your fiancee we say a lot of things we shouldn't, i did the same thing to my sister re her son-i said there was nothing wrong with him.It was denial and wishful thinking but i shouldn't have said it after all she went thru with him & his dr.'s Good luck & may God Bless-hope this helps-ron

You Vent Away Sweetie....(Big Hugs your way)...

I can't believe anyone would say "nothing is wrong with your head" without having all the facts...I continue to keep you in my prayers that all goes well when you see the Doctor again...Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

Darlene; Far too many of us go thru what you are addressing....when we are coiled / stented, none is visible on the surface to others... as in surgery with shaved hair, stitches, etc.

Some day I will write more (well, if I remember!) Vent and vent; whatever helps relieve frustration.

I'd like to talk sometime about better recovery information and processes...that are NOT exlained to us.

Monday, tell your doc compliments are roaring across country for the time he took to explain potential vision loss...that does not always occur; even after the vision loss has occurred...a/w/a hearing loss, crebral artery loss, cranial nerve damage and much much more. Your doc deserves the compliments.

Do not give up venting; we all need it. Do you have the "Recovery" brochure from the BAF? If not, call them and order it. The same data may be on their general site here... tho the brochures could be great to gift to your fiance and others.

Prayers for your continued recovery,


I don't have answers for you Darlene, but I am so happy for you. mMy family and 3 GP's also said there's nothing wrong with me, but they just didn't know. Lovely ppsitive outcome for you!

All my best


Hi Darlene,

"Ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do and die" - attributed to Alfred Lord Tennyson.