Day 15 in ICU with my Mom

Good Morning Everyone. Thank you everyone for your words of encouragements. I am at the hospital now with my mom who is very ready to go home. We are waiting to see if the doctor will preform another coil on a second annie early next week. If all works out well she should be able to come home with me. She is antsy and ready to just get out of the hospital lol. She is very proud that she can walk around the halls twice and finally bath herself. Her body is still weak and we are working with her new emotions but today is a good day.

Hi Holly ~ antsy and ready to get out of the hospital are good signs of recovery (insert smile)...sounds like everyday your mom has been improving...which is good...keep in mind there will be "good days" and "bad days" mom will need to learn to embrace the good ones...and rest on the bad one's...

Cyber~thoughts and prayers that your mom will be home soon with you...~ Colleen