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I had my aneurism in March of 2021 and was released from the hospital in June of 2021, my wife filed for disability on my behalf and the doctors were more than happy to fill out the paperwork for my disability clam, but in August of 2021 in was going to run out and when I asked again about applying for disability my doctors said that the surgery was a success and medically I was fine so they denied my disability. My body may look fine and I speak and walk fine but still have anxiety and vertigo and really don’t think I am ready to go back to work. I am not looking for full time disability but just for a few more months while I continue to heal. Has anyone else had issues similar to this?

@Ckdkrk123 my disability journey was very difficult. Someone at the hospital I was in had actually sent a letter saying I could return to work in 2 weeks, although I was still in NSICU🤪. It took 2 1/2 years for me to eventually get SSD. I went to their psychologist and he said I should be able to get it though I shouldn’t hold my hopes up for it. I was very lucky as I worked for the county and was able to get my State Employee’s disability right away. The HR people did all that paperwork as soon as they let me go. There was no way I could return to my job, I couldn’t even drive but the mile or so to get to the PT, ST and my ailing parents, much less do all the other things my job required. It was very difficult for me emotionally not to be able to work. Being able to drive that short distance disqualified me for the long term disability I had paid into for years.

My doctors had signed all paperwork, apparently it wasn’t my rupture that qualified me, it was my spinal issues. My spine is very bad. The PT who did my evaluation after my spinal surgery said I had barely made it and if I didn’t want to go to back to work so badly, she would’ve signed off for disability then…that was the year before I ruptured. My State had reached out to all the PTs I worked with, the Neurosurgeon who did my back surgery and didn’t know how I was walking, the Neurosurgeon who did all my brain surgeries, the Psychologist I went to for testing, etc. Our state had a 21 month waiting list after denial of disability to be heard by a judge. The kind ladies at the Social Security office told me to hire an attorney immediately but I didn’t listen to them for about six months. The attorney we did hire said it would be an added x amount of months because of the backlog so I called one of my Senator’s office and was awarded SSD two weeks later.

I remember when I lived in CA, they had a short term disability that’s different from SSD, I had to pay as part of the State tax, but I’m guessing that’s ran out? Do you have any type of disability through your employment? Perhaps you could qualify if you do, without the physician’s signature, I’m not sure.

A couple of things that may help you is to go to a therapist for the anxiety, and see either a Neurologist or ENT for the type of vertigo you’re experiencing. There are different types of vertigo caused by different things. Though you may still not be eligible for disability, they might can help your symptoms. Depending on your insurance, you may have to be referred to a specialist by your PCP.

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Everyone gets turned down the first time. I don’t know who your attorney is but I made the mistake of going with a regular attorney the first time. If you haven’t already been to an attorney who specializes in disability claims, find one. Talk to people you know who are on disability and ask them who their attorney is. Hope this helps. Hang in there.


@Lee_F its nice to see you posting! You’re absolutely correct in suggesting we stay with attorneys who specialize in disability. Here in the States, disability attorneys have a set amount they are allowed to charge up to a certain set amount, it differs for each State,

I have only known a couple of folks who were able to get disability on their first try. One was awarded disability within months of a minor concussion when she went to work for a friend and the friend wrote a letter to SS outlining issues. The person was told they could return to work by their doctor, for some reason the person quit and went to work for the friend…

SS doesn’t have a code for everything, NC didn’t for a SAH when I applied, so there was no specific criteria for them to check. As I understand it from my disability attorney, they used the criteria for ischemic stroke.

It may behoove @Ckdkrk123 to try to return to work and if it’s too much, to have the employer write a letter to SS.

Thanks again for posting and hope to read more of your experience!

Hello, I’m so glad your body is healed. I had an aneurysm rupture behind my right eye 7 years ago. I was in the ICU and they said I wouldn’t survive. I was very lucky. I had anxiety and went through physical therapy to walk. That took about 3 months to walk. I had debilitating anxiety to the point I couldn’t be alone or go into public. I went to counseling to work through it. I fought it, the aneurysm didn’t kill me for a reason and it wasn’t to sit in my house and feel sorry for myself. I made myself get back out there and I’m so glad i did!!

I never filed for disability, so I can’t say much about that. What I can say is the vertigo will pass and the anxiety will get better. For me, I was back to work in 3 months. It was a very tough road but it was what was best for me. I didn’t want this aneurysm to dictate how I was going to live. This is just a suggestion, if you’re ok physically and it’s more mental look into support groups or therapy. It’s taken years to get where I am mentally and I feel amazing. You may decide that you may not need disability. You may find that this is a time to reflect on what you want to do professionally.

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I had trouble getting a handicap parking placard. I was denied disability for carotid stenosis and wet macular degeneration after an endarectomy and I read my appeal denial while I was in ICU after my aneurysm surgery and stoke. Reason … I didn’t attend my appeals hearing. The hearing was the day I had the aneurysm. My appeal to that was denied because no new information was given to change the decision. It sounds a lot like stupid but those dumb neurosurgeons couldn’t hold off my surgery until I got back from my disability hearing. If I were an alcoholic or if I was addicted to street drugs I would be in like Flint but a ruptured aneurysm I am going to have to have another angiogram for because they think I MAY have calcification inside the stent and the only way to find out is to let them go back in to see why I have moments of dizziness and have lost my balance. I really don’t care anymore. I saw my pulmonologist for the last time today. My friend (?) asked what did I expect him to do. Find out why I can’t talk and breath at the same time or walk and breath at the same time to start with? Asking too much? I have no cardio issues, so they say it must be a pulmonary issue. My pulmonologist’s stethoscope says my lungs sound good. End of story, he doesn’t see any reason for any follow up for a year. My PCP listens to my lungs with a stethoscope so I really don’t think there’s anything that I need a pulmonologist for. I am rapidly cutting a whole lot of this foolishness real fast. This is my “new normal” and according to the disability judge, I am perfectly normal.

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Individuals with addictions don’t automatically get SSD anymore, that changed years ago with laws passed on the Federal level. Though it was true for a very long time. I learned about that right after my rupture, it was the talk of my colleagues!

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Your body needs time to heal and rest as much as possible. I tried going to work but that was a painful mistake. Some people can return to work after a few weeks but some take years to recover. I tried going back to work too soon and that was a huge mistake. Ended up with dangerous blood pressure levels and several trips to ER. It’ Anxiety can be very serious and must not be taken lightly. Anxiety meds helped, & going to therapy is a must, it doesn’t make anxiety go away but helps. Don’t give up and file again & again. My wife had to do all that for me because I was in no condition to file the paperwork & do research. The disability process can be frustrating but don’t give up. Check with your state also, there are other options you just have to do research. Eat a healthy diet, plenty of fluids, & REST as much as possible. Wishing you the best!