Where do coiled ANNIES go when they are GONE?

Okay so heres the thing.....with all the good news of some of our recent (may I say fab) Angio results, the word Gone!!!! has been flying about and I think some peeps are getting a little confused as to where exactly our annie's have gone!!!!!

Now a doctor I ain't, but, as I have been fortunate to have said and read this word more than once in the past week I feel a need to share my thoughts although I must stress this is clearly my own personal biased explanation.....

My initial understanding was that annies, espcecially coiled ones never GO! we just kinda aim for them to be jammed packed with metal stuffs, the little blood left inside congels and hopefully settles and forms a scar tissue that seals them, and they are no longer a threat. They just kinda sit like scaffolded berry like things. But the metal does not dissapear, so therefore it can not be GONE!!!!

Well that was until last Mondays angio when my surgeon delightfully told me half way thru my angio that my 8mm coiled annie was indeed GONE!!!! to which I said... Thats wonderful, but what do you mean gone, I thought it never actually went away, blah blag blah, (and yes the relaxers worked a treat.....) To which he cut me short to announce...." Maaaam, From where I am looking the Aneurysm is no longer showing as a white mass upon my screen, or is in anyway a threat to return at this time. So therefore it has Gone!!!!......

Soooooo not one to make a fuss, I closed ones mouth and decided to take my surgeons word for it, and if he says mine has Gone!!! then it has Jolly well GONE!!!!!. tee hee ......

Wishing you all a wonderful day and an even better one tomorrow

Best Wishes


I was told at my 6mos angio that the coils are doing what they are suppose to do...never did any of the Doctors say the annie was gone...I call it the "cover the butt" syndrome...hahaha...! Me bad...but originally I was told the same thing as you...the blood supply gets cut ~ off so not to feed the annie and eventually scar tissue develops and the annie stops from growing, etc.,

It is all so confusing at times Gaynor...

Have a Beautiful day yourself...take time out for YOU...Cyber~hugs Colleen

Maybe they "go" the same place missing socks go.

Hahaha...Thomas you are a "hoot"... I have the "sock monster" in my dryer too...

it means they've been obliterated, eliminated,,,sent to anny land...lol..never to bother you or intrude in your life again..i never really worried what the term "gone" meant, just always happy to hear that pesky lil runt hasnt returned for an unwelcomed visit...lmao u funny lady..


To what thomas beales said

ha thomas thanks for that, lol. Mine is gone clipped but i am still creeped out 2 yrs later.


I'm so looking forward to my angio next month when they tell me that my right annie is GONE! Now if they can find a way to make the left annie go away without any further ado, I'd be thrilled!!

I also like Thomas explanation.... I hope they stay hidden with those missing socks!!



Sorry to criticize your doctor, but if mine said the same thing to me in those words (ma'am), I think I would have sat up. To me he sounds like one of those "holier than God" doctors.

My doctor has explained that the annie will need to followed the rest of my life and that if I didn't feel comfortable with him, then he would not feel bad if I chose to go elsewhere, which I do feel very comfortable and appreciated his forthrightness. I was told the same as you as far as what happens with the annie - hopefully the coils (along with the blood clots and scar tissue) will keep it occluded, but it needs to be checked regularly to make sure it stays that way.

Last week at church, we celebrated All Saints Day and I put a note on the table thanking God that my annie was put to rest and asked him to keep it that way. Of course, everyone asked me afterward "who" annie was!!

Did your doctor say if he will be following up with tests occasionally? Hope you are doing well afterward and congrats on getting good news that the coils have done their job!!


I also thank you for this info - ha ha. I am so lucky - my dryer does not have a "sock monster" as others have in the past!! When I replaced my last one, I asked for the "no sock monster" model and they provided. Lucky me.

Ah Gaynor...you are so sweet...(read your note)...here is what I wrote to Sherri today...

Hi Sherri...I talked to my Neurologist yesterday...he sent all the paperwork he rec'd from my Neurosurgeons...and this shows I am compatible to have an MRI...(I have an adenoma on my adrenal gland)...but when I asked him about the other annie...he told me that he and my Neurosurgeon argued over this situation 6 months ago...and Surgeon calls it something other than annie, and doesn't expect growth, but they are watching everything in my head...yet...with my 6mos angio checkup...they Surgeons said, Coiling working on basilar tip and other annie that is 2mm no growth...what the heck? I am too exhausted to pursue at the moment...and now my Neurologist wants me to do my MRI at his University so he can have Moffitt Cancer read the report...and they are good...I will not be back to Tampa until January 2012...in Indianapolis right now...so I will deal with one thing at a time...gotta stay calm...and that isn't me...

Gaynor...I have a sore throat and yuck sinus's...most likely from change in weather...anyways...I will deal with all of this, but not for today...Taking care of me...Cyber~big hugs to you...Colleen

So thats where they go....Durrrrrrrr! tee hee heeThomas ......

My doctor said that mine was no longer an aneurysm - which I think is the best definition.....an aneurysm is a blood filled pouch, and once successfully coiled and occluded, is no longer considered an aneurysm. I was also told, based on the 6mos f/u, that mine had LESS THAN a 99.8% chance of ever causing more problems. They do monitor, but at decreasing intervals (except that I have 2 other watch-and-wait ones so may not decrease too much).
So I think the use of the word "gone" makes sense - the ANEURYSM is gone, the coils are not, and the risk falls dramatically for those who have healed well in those first 6mos.

I did not think annie's could be gone-this would be a good question to ask the doctor on this site, because several people appear interested with hearing what 'gone' actually means.