Can an anuerism go away?

I wanted to know if an aneurism can go away?


Then I have no idea what to do. I just read my cta results and they say only annie I have is coiled and looks good. No other annies found. I had several neuro drs in the hospital tell me n my hubby I have another one that is 2 mm and needs watching.

Hi VJ,

Yeah to my knowledge, Annie's don't go away on their own...Perhaps due to the type of test (CTA), is why it wasn't noticed? An angiogram with contrast or an MRA with contrast is really what test you need to these tests give a much more detailed account of your arteries ....(I had a CTA in 1998 which showed 'alittle fullness' and that was all it showed...the MRA with contrast said something entirely different and the next day my aneurysm was clipped--a lot depends on the testing methods)!

Peace, Janet

Yes that is correct they don't get better and at that size it is best to watch. Good luck and God Bless.

If just the pipeline (ped) is done, yes they can shrink to nothing but not if the coils are put in. But no I do not think they can go away with out having anything done. They will continue to grow. Deb

I have 2 Brain aneurysm and only one treated...with coiling...and I have never been told mine have gone away...infact, I must tell other Doctors I have One Coiled Brain aneurysm and One aneurysm too small to treat...~ I guess my answer would be "no they don't go away"...~ Colleen

Yes, I had an aneurysm on my brain stem that went away, three years after they were unable to clip or coil it. I believe in God and miracles.


Hi Deb

Does it matter how big they are for them to shrink to nothing? Mine was 26mm and I had pipeline stent in October 2012. Is there any chance it could go completely?