Have not posted in long time because I had a hard time finding my way around this site but very happy to say that after 3 years that included coiling, surgery, coiling again: My 3 Aneurysms are gone!!!!!! Im so happy; this has been difficult journey for my family and friends. To everyone on this site, it may not be easy and it may be life changing, but anything is possible. I live a new normal. Thank you all for your support. I have the best drs. Kimberly

Awesome Kimberly!! It is a tough road and it is possible to be a survivor. Congratulations to you.


Another great coling story!!! Congrats - that's wonderful news!

Congratulations. Jess.xxx

Yaaaaaaay another annie (or 3) bites the dust........ Wooooooop Woooooooop

Congrats and best wishes for an annie free future


What do you mean " gone " ? My annie has 9 coils and a stent and soon to be more coils or have it clipped. Nobody has told me that they can go away. I have been seriously considering to just have it clipped so thats its no longer a worry but it can go away while being clipped. If I'm understanding you right , this is the best news Ever!

So happy to hear positive news,enjoy your life


Wonderful news...Infact, I sorta got choked up...it is a long journey, but one with the help of BAF and those in our 3D world...really can make the difference...

Thank~you for sharing such positive inspiration...!

A True Survivor...You are...Cyber~thoughts Colleen

I am happy to hear you are doing well. I to was scared too death when I had my annie fixed, my doctor used onyx instead . So far so good ! :)


Hi Amanda. My journey began 3 years ago. Was diagnosed with 3 large aneurysms. At first was told I was inoperable. So we did coils to attempt to shrink. Shrunk enough for surgery. Dr was able to clip monster one about 70%. Neck on it was too wide for 100%. After some recovery we went back for additional coiling. I think 1 procedure a year (approx) was done. Oct. me and my family and friends received the unbelievable news!! GONE!!!! Typically, you would have a CT-Scan each year but I have too much metal in my head to see anything on ct scan. Cant do MRI because of metal. So we are planning an angio in 5 years and watch for symptoms. I've had so many angios, I lost count and i cant get any anesthia with it - no fun. Deficits=yes but will continue to work hard. After the SAH, no walking, speaking, writing, reading, math, vision issues, etc. Now writing is much better, I not only walk but go to the gym and do Salsa. My speach is great (long as im not tired). Its alot to go through, stay positive and dont let anyone say that you cant. Good Luck to you!!

Thank you to everyone!!!!! Everyday has new meaning to me. Im now looking forward to hekping with awareness now. Was told that Aneurysm Awareness Month was voted in? I sure hope so for all the peeps that think no symptoms. I had them and worked in medical field but who walks around thinking "i must have an aneurysm" when so many other things can be blamed.

I truely wish the very best for everyone on this site. Very difficult time for patients and families that help us.

God Bless All of you!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, Its been a long time, I know. Just wanted to give an update and wanted to see how everyone else has been. I have finally completed all the therapies. Now I go to the gym to continue physical therapy. Been doing well physically. Walking on my own, dancing, etc. Cognitively, not completely back. I just learned to accept what I cant change. I still work hard to try and learn numbers and reading :(. Still have lots of pain daily. About 2 years ago, I was nominated to be a Deacon for our church. Happily accepted this position. The main thing I do in this position is to go visit peeps that are shut in (like i was), in nursing homes, hospitals, ets. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to share my story with others. I,along with many of you, BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!! and our Miracles need to be shared with others.

A couple of months ago, a risidual annie was found. Not sure what this will mean for me. Will have another angio in approx 6 mos. Have God, my family, my friends, and BAF on my side.
Could I ask for anything more??

Ah Kimberly ... it is good to see you update us on your progress and it is good progress indeed...you will do great with shut~ins, etc., because you are "giving back" after all you have been through...God Bless on your 6 months angiogram...wishing you a beautiful day ~ Colleen (yes I am still around BAF)LOL

Thank you for sharing your story - so many have more unusual circumstances than a perfectly shaped “berry”, and your story gives hope! Blessings to you and thanks for being an inspiration and taking the time to deliver the awesome news!