When were you switched from 325mg of Aspirin to 81mg?

Hello Everyone.
Its been 9 months since by coiling and stenting for a 5MM aneurysm in my right ICA. I have been taking 325mg of Apirin and was told after my 6 month angiogram that I can go down to 81mg, but have been scared to do so (fyi… my doctor is aware). I’ve been contemplating reducing the aspirin, but have been scared to do so. My impression is that every doctor is different in their recommendations. From what I have read there is no standard recommendation for aspirin, so each doctor does what they think is right. I’m just wandering what others take, 81 or 325?

I was eager to go down to the the baby aspirin strength and emailed my doctor’s to see at the 9 month mark. I told him that I also take Omega 3 fish oil supplements–which also thins the blood and eat chia and flaxseed on my cereal. He gave me the go ahead to do so and contine w/ all my supplements and to take ibuprofen again as needed instead of the Tylenol that I had to for the 9 months prior. I’ve been doing this since mid-April with no problems at all. Some believe that the therapeutic effect is no different between the 2 strengths, so I’d rather go with the lower dose and hopefully redce me risk of stomach bleeding.

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I will have my 6 month Angiogram Tuesday and year ckup on 1st Aneurysm fixed with PED’s Flex. Dr. said if all looks good can stop Plavix. Is that an immediate stop or does one taper down gradually. Guess will have 81mg Aspirin too.

I had to stay on Plavix for an additional 3 months after my 1 year angiogram, and then I was able to go off cold turkey and go down to 81 mg aspirin all at once.

Skye, I hope you went down to the 81 mg as advised by your doctor. I had a Fischer Level 3 SAH and was coiled. I take no aspirin at all and had been on it for years for tachycardia. The new cardiologist also said no aspirin. I am on no blood thinners and have been doing fine.

I wonder if the difference is the stents and PED’s…does anyone know?

Moltroub, stents require blood thinners, usually prescribed at 325 mg aspirin. I have been on 325 aspiring for 5 years and my neurosurgeon, who I see annually after my annual MRA, has always cautioned me on being sure to take the aspirin daily and to do so the rest of my life (I am on annual tests because of the location of my annie). I really don’t have any problems with it, and again, most of the people I know with stents take the 325 versus 81. I have also been told that if I need surgery where I cannot take aspirin to call my neurosurgeon so that other plans can be made.

Hi Sherri. I agree there is a difference on whether you will be on aspirin depending on if you have a stent. I have 2 stents and my initial neurosurgeon told me I’d be on 325 mg for 2-3 years. Unfortunately I had to change doctors and the new doctor conducted my 6 months angiogram. She was the one who told me to go down to 81mg. I haven’t gone down and she is aware of this. I wasn’t comfortable with the switch given the difference of opinion between the two. Next month I have my MRI one year post op. I will talk to my doctor then and decide whether to go down to 81mg or not. I would feel much better going down now that I am 1 year post op.

This is a subject that interests me. I have read that there is little difference between 325mg and 81 mg aspirin after coiling and stenting. I hate taking the larger dose, but I was not given a choice. My next angiogram is in August 2017, hopefully my aneurysm will be fully occluded then and the doctor will allow me to go down to 81mgs. I do not understand why it would be necessary to continue taking the larger dose of aspirin after the endothelial cells completely cover the stent, clots cannot attach.

I have been reduced from 325 to 81 mg aspirin daily dosage after 2 years. In November I had my 2year 4 month checkup with ct w/dye scan. My neurosurgeon called me to say I don’t need to come back. The 24mm aneurysm is gone and the stent will relapse into the brain matter. Any effects that I have are for life. I feel very lucky to be alive.

Hi Christine,
I am curious about what you said-“the stent will relapse into the brain matter” Right now, I am a year and a half out from my double stenting. I haven’t heard of relapsing into brain matter. I too feel lucky, I think my aneurysm was close to bursting as I was having symptoms. So you never have to go back for an angiogram or CT?

Yes, I don’t go back to the neurosurgeons but I have an appointment in 2weeks with opto-neurosurgeon. I don’t find any difference with 81mg aspirin. I don’t get what Dr said about regressing stent into brain. I thought about it later and I will ask the opto Dr. He probably meant the stent attaches into the vein forever. I asked if the stent would ever dislodge? He seemed distracted during the call as he probably was busy.

I wanted to hank everyone for this discussion. I’ll be going back into surgery and if she can get a stent in I’ll be taking Plavix for a couple weeks then 81 mg aspirin. It was really nice to know why before I got the news! Thanks to all!

I hope your surgery goes well, but be prepared to bruise. I looked like my husband hit me with a lead pipe, big black bruises everywhere. Fortunately, I only had to endure Plavix for 6 months, we can handle just about anything if we know there will be an end. (:relaxed:

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So true Campanile! I was given aspirin for tachycardia was on it for years and could bleed just with a look…really didn’t want to go back on it. Have been really happy the last three years not taking it!

So far it looks like if they can do the balloon then she said maybe a couple of weeks of Plavix and then aspirin. She feels the scepter balloon is a better choice then going through my skull. Apparently it’s not uncommon for a multilobed aneurysm to compact. Guess I’ll know what the final decision is when I wake up.