When was the earliest coiling done on a ruptured aneurysm

I have had someone tell me coiling for a ruptured aneurysm is a very new procedure, I thought this has been happening for at least 10 years. Am I wrong. I have PED which I thought was the newest procedure and I know that has been around for a number of years as mine was done four years ago.

Lynn, it has been used for about 20 years. Coiling was developed in 1991 and I'm sure they started performing it a few years after that. I'm sure methods have changed since then so I think at a high rated hospital and neurosurgeon, you are fine. I did not have a coiling I had a clipping, which is more invasive, but one of the things I researched about my neuro before I met with him was how many he had performed. Carol

As Carol has written coiling started in the early 90’s and is not a new procedure.

Lynn, there is history data .. A Dr. Guglielmi (sp?) in Italy was the initial designer (right word?) in apx 1985...to be used where open surgery was not reasonable to even attempt?

The formal FDA date is HDE: Humanitarian Devices Exemption and

then related (?) HUD: Humanitarian Use Devices... which are under: 21 CFR 814 Subpart H...

I do not know where the new stent (PED?) devices are tagged...

What I do have memory of are the initial stents in the brain (FDA approved) were addressed as "concommittant use in wide-neck aneurysms..." however, a number of them were used off-label and off-records (some of us) ...for being used (attempted?) to protect (likely/presumably - repair of) the tortuous turns of various arteries...

Thank you everyone, I will pass this information on. I was sure I was correct in that coiling was started in 1990's.