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When to start exercising again (gym rat here)

Hi guys,
So lots of post surgical questions!
I am a gym rat and also my job is active (pet sitter/dog walker). When I had my rotator cuff surgery, I was up within a few days trying to walk and also went to the gym, but my body wasn’t too happy with that, but I did it.

With MCA bypass (IC/EC, temporal artery), will it be stupid of me to try to be walking once I get out of the hospital? What about gently biking? What happens if you try to exercise?

Are there any bad side effects like headache/migraine if you try to exercise right away?

When can you start lifting weights?

I won’t be meeting with the doctor until surgery week so I don’t have any info.

The one to answer that really is your doctor. I survived a SAH, it was repaired with an pipeline stent but because there was still 3 other unruptured aneurisms I was told it was best to keep my blood pressure down for six months,(i.e. Stay out of the gym) at which point I was checked to make sure the aneurysm had disappeared. I was a gym rat before my SAH, I’m 3+ years post SAH and I still can’t work out because even a small raise in blood pressure causes a terrible cluster headache. I’ve had to resort to a tailored diet in order to maintain my weight but it’s just heartbreaking that I’ve lost all my muscle and strength. I hope all goes well with your procedure and you emerge unscathed.

Oh man, good luck to you. I have the hardest time controlling my diet (my schedule is so crazy) so I workout a lot instead (I know you can’t outwork a bad diet).