When do you know to go to ER? when during headach is it time?

I just can’t figure it out, most days recently I haven’t had a bad headache, things were getting better and more tolerable. Last night I had fought a headache all day and it kept getting worse, I toke my meds for migraine, waited, nothing, then went to bed because I was feeling a little sick to my stomach. The pain had somewhat gone down, it is still there and it is almost 3 pm the next day. I don’t want to run to the ER every time for a CT scan because I am scared! This is a day when I am confused of when do you not be afraid? What is TOO much movement of the head? I sure wish they would make it a little easier with a little more information.

Hi Sweetie…Here is what I say,…You know yourself…if you feel this is different then anything else…then go to the ER…esp if headache is getting worse…better to be “safe then sorry”… and if you feel you don’t have to go to ER…Call your Neurologist tommorrow and tell them how you are feeling…even how you are scared…if he/she is good Doctor they will reassure you … or want to see you asap… Gotcha in my Thoughts…Hugs Colleen

thanks guess I well make a call in the morning, or if it does get worse tonight then just get my ass in there and get checked out! soooo such a pain (literally)

thanks Karen I need guidelines BAD!

yeah, we are all in this together, I am so glad I can vent here and everyone understands, no other place helps! it has only been 5 weeks but I am still scared to even move around alot, I don’t have high blood pressure or smoke or have diabetis just migraines and these NEW ones are taking me by surprise. Time to make a call, thanks for your support!

Hi Beverly,

NO ONE knows your body better then you do! If you feel something is not right then that is what should take you into the ER. Listen to yourself first then the doctors. One thing I have learned through all this is I know myself better than anyone else.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Strength is what we need during these times.


I am feeling much better, finally got the pain to go away, then had my husband get me out of the house so we went for a ride on the beach, enjoyed fresh air, the next morning, no pain, so… Next time I well go to the ER even if not my annie, they can knock out the pain for a few days better than I can! Some one said when it gets to an 8 on the 1-10 scale you should go in, I say my annie was like a 20 so even a 10 isn’t as bad, that’s what makes it so very hard, the “everything is new again”, proves true here also!

Kimberley...have to tell you...I did not have enough brain cells to recognize my body...It took me years to know my body well enough to know I did not have sensitivity / feeling... to heat / cold, etc...

Because we know, should know, our bodies better than anyone else, is one reason I so cherish My Stroke of Insight by the one who has all the education and the personal experience...

Kimberley, thank you, and any others, for saying to listen to your body...