Chronic tension headaches and unerrupted aneurysm. What can be done to relieve these?

Hello. I was diagnosed w having an aneurysm about 6. Months ago. It’s about 2mm which drs say is small and not to worry about. At the same time, I have been having daily chronic tension headaches on side,top and back of head, also neck tension. I was prescribed toprimate but I stopped taking it in June because I was not feeling well overall and was still having headaches. Then I started noticing pain and tenderness close to ears and jaw and was told that I may have TMJ and see dentist. Now I’m waiting to see a specialist, sept. 1st. I feel like I’m on a merry go round and not having fun. My son had an aneurysm had an Anny that erupted when he was 8 back in 2004. Reverse genetics? Who knows.

Anyone experiencing these types if headachaches? I also hear crickly crackly noises when I move my head around. What could this be? What kinds of meds or treatments may be helpful?

Thank you for reading and responding.

This is what I was having before I was diagnosed with an aneurysm. I had mine clipped and my headaches have not come back. Yes I have headaches periodically but nothing like before. My headaches were there when I woke up, eyes would turn red and by the end of the day I couldn’t even think straight.

Before my surgery I also had cortizone shots in my nerves at the base of my skull and on top of my head. This did help. The shots were done by a neurologist.

Surgery is scary but how can they prove that the headaches are not related to your aneurysim? They didn’t think mine were either but I have seen a difference.

REgular chiropractor adjustments helped the popping in the neck.

I experienced tension headaches on a chronic basis for many years but was never diagnosed with an aneurysm, until it ruptured. Since the coiling was done in 2006, I’ve not had any headaches.

How many times did you go in for the
cortisone shots? Did you know about the
aneurysm before you started the shots? The shots sound
painful and scary.

Just curious. I visit my neurologist tuesday. Seeking options.

I only had the cortisone shots once, the day my nuerosurgeon discussed my aneurysm. They did the shots in the nerves at the base of my skull and just under the scalp on top of my head. The shots in the nerves were a little painful but the ones on the scalp weren’t to bad.

My aneurysm was not very big either but my neuro didn’t want to wait and take a chance. Let me tell you , it is a miracle that mine did not bleed out. After my surgery the anastesiologist (spelling?) and my neurosurgeon both said that I was VERY lucky!. They found that it was bigger than the MRI (I had 2) showed and that one side was very thin and could have bled out at any time. They said because of the placement of the annie that I would have died before I got help or died in my sleep. To know how close I was to heaven is very eye opening.

I don’t mean to scare you or make you upset but start the discussion about getting it clipped or coiled. Coiling was not an option for me and my recovery has been as fast those who had the coil.

Share my story with your neurosurgeon. That is what we are here for, support.


I would discuss this recommendation with my NS before going to a chiropractor. Depending on where your aneurysm is in your brain, this could be dangerous. I can’t imagine a chiropractor would manipulate your neck and spine knowing that you had an aneurysm at the base of your skull.

Talk to your doctor about a low dose of amytriptolene (spelling?) for headaches. I had a rupture 4 years ago and the only medication (and I sure did try many of them) that kept, and keeps my headaches and head pain in check. I started with a low dose, worked up to 50 mgs, and then once my headaches were under control, I lowered the dose slowly to 20 mgs. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it has worked for me. Toprimate, or topamax, just made me stupid and spacey.

I still have a small aneurysm on my right ICA (rupture was on the mirror side or left ICA), as well as a pituitary tumor, so headaches just are a fact of life. Cortisone would be dangerous for me because of the pituitary tumor (cortisone is a synthetic version of the hormone cortisol).

I hope your specialist appointment goes well. Perhaps you can go with a list of questions for him/her and someone else who could write down the doctor’s answers. I find I forget exactly what a doctor says soon after I leave the doctor’s office (residual problem from my rupture is strained short term memory).

Keep in touch!

Each person is different and different options help. It is best to have all the information you can to look at and take that information to your doctor to ask questions and get answers that can best fit your needs.

My annie was not at the back of my head so I could have adjustments. My chiropractor viewed all my CT and MRI scans so he was well informed. He would not have treated me without.

I was dx about a month ago and my Annie is 3-4mm. My surgeon wants me to get it out. He didn’t even ask me what I wanted to do. He stated we will get your surgery set up…Whoa, a bit too fast for this nurse. I was almost ready to come to terms with the surgery until yesterday. His OR nurse called, I had many questions. She was insensitive as far as I could figure. I dug my heels in and re-thought this whole surgery scenario. I started a blog on sage google aneurysm. I know it is a personal choice for everyone and in no way would I give advice as to what to do. I am only blogging about my experience and choices.
The crackles in your neck, I have, many have. Do rotating your neck slowly in circles to release the “tension” for most likely that is what it is and place a warm rice wrap around it along with cold compress…alternate. MY headaches are “tension.” Since I made up my mind NO surgery now. My headaches are gone. I see the doc tomorrow to inform him of my decision. He won’t be happy, but it is my life, my choice and MY brain. The stats show those who have small ones are 1 in 100,000 will go bad, rupture or bleed. My clipping, since they can’t coil it…well there is a 17.5% I could have long term deficits, seizures, speech, etc. I am NOT willing to take that chance. If mine ruptures, then that was my choice and on my terms. I don’t like this “lets rush you in to surgery,” but is just me. Try not to panic like I did. It isn’t fun for you or anyone around you. I cried too many tears, no more, at least not now. Good luck and I hope this helped…big hugs