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Hello -

My name is Cheryl and I will be having surgery to fix an aneurysm this Friday, September 10th. There are so many thoughts and worries going on and it’s rather scary wondering how things will go. I’m also wondering how much hair might be cut. I have long hair and have an appointment to have my hair done tomorrow but I’m thinking that perhaps it might just be a waste of money and I should wait until later. Does anyone have any advice?


Cheryl, guess what I did. I just went and had my hair highlighted the other day, $120 bucks. I had already planned this before the dx of my ANNIE…mine is in the anterior cerebral artery…my hair is fairly long too. Some say, “Just shave it all off.” Yada, yada. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…it’s my hair and I will do what I can to make it work somehow…I need some normalcy…do what you feel is right for you!!! Don’t let people tell you. " come on do it, this is a chance to shave your hair and own your power!!: Sorry, I am owning my power by KEEPING my hair on my terms…they will shave about a third of my hair on my left side…I have scarfs, a wig…and fake bangs…I will somehow pull it off. Glad you asked, your not alone in this…my clipping is Monday, the 13, I am right behind you girlfriend…so lets say a prayer for each other…we will be recuperating together along with Tomasina here…click her in as a friend… she is a real gem and a wealth of inspiration.
Good luck to you and I hope to be seeing you on the other side of this surgery…hugs…Sage


I had a portion of the left front of my head shaved . I have long, curly hairy so it was definitely obvious but I just continued to cut my hair as usual and did not change anything. Time passes, hair grows back and you are so grateful to be a survivor that you realize hair is not as important as it was pre-clipping. Also, if it bothers you, a wide headband will cover the area. Most important, I wish you the best on Friday and God bless you.


Thank you Sage - seem you and I share the same spunk… I guess I was thinking why spend the $100 when I’ll be covering up my head anyway? I’m also trying to be conscious of spending money because I’ll be off work for a while and my income will drop (luckily I do have short term disability!). I don’t know yet if my doctor will be shaving my hair - I have a call in to his nurse to get details. I thought he said just the spot where he will be going in - on the top of my head. My Annie (great way to put it!) is also on the anterior cerebral artery - right smack in the middle of my forehead, in between the two hemispheres. So, as my doctor says, “easy to get to”. I do have an incredible doctor - the best, Dr. Robert Dempsey at the UW Hospital here in Madison and his expertise is exactly what he’ll be doing for me. We’ll be together is this thing Sage and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as your day approaches. Take care and many blessings! Cheryl
PS: Thanks for the referral to Tomasina, I’ll contact her too!

Thanks for your tips Donna. I am eternally grateful to be a survivor and oh so fortunate that mine was found before anything tragic happened. It’s silly in many ways to be concerned about my hair when all that really matters is that I will be here to dance with my life, my love, my family and friends. What more is there? Besides, I’ll get to try out some great new hairdo styling!

Thanks for your well wishes for Friday. God is with me…

Take care,

Go ahead and have your hair done and colored if that is what you do . It will be six weeks before you can put anything on it after surgery. I did just the same did my cut and color. I had long hair and cut mine shorter and i was so angry with myself after surgery. My surgeon only took a slice of hair our at the incision. It is amazing what they do today. after staples came out you would have never known i had brain surgery. I was so angry and sad, i just wanted the old me back. Hair grows, however it did take a year to get it back. so do what is best for you…will keep you all in my prayers…you are all lucky that this site has really grown and there are others as well.

many blessings



Thanks so much for your reply. I am getting my hair done today! My dear friend Linde already paid for it! I am so blessed and fortunate for the wonderful friends I have! I did speak with my doctors nurse and learned that he only shaves the incision line, a lone line but only 1/4" wide. That’s great news! So, cut, color and foil here I come! I’m so glad I didn’t wait… I’d be old and gray if I did! HA!

Thank you for your prayers and yes, what a wonderful site this is!

Take care,

Thank you Jim! I am getting my hair done and I feel good about it! I’ll be styling during the surgery! I learned that my doctor only shaves the incision line about 1/4" so that makes me feel better.

I’m feeling so much better about the whole thing - no doubt it’s all the prayers and support I have surrounding me!

Take care,

Hi Cheryl… it is all about you and how you feel if having your hair done makes you feel good go for it girlfriend :slight_smile: I wish you all the best for your Annie I love sage’s saying you will be in my prays God Bless

Hi Lorna,

I went for it! And, my dear friend Linde paid for it! Wow… I’m so fortunate and blessed…

Thank you for you wishes and prayers. What a wonderful group of people I have found here…

I will be okay, I know I will!

Take care and God Bless you.


You will be in my prayers tomorrow! May God keep you safe and be with your Doctor.
Let us know how it goes and remember any questions you have afterwards please ask all of us, we have been there and done it. Take care and God bless you!!

Well part of my head was shaved because I have a stent & and a coil. I wear it short now because I am 57…(I do keep it a little bit high lighted) I am in an ‘assisted living’ in Mississippi & people who see my ‘before’ picture all say I look younger with it short. U are ALSO in my prayers.