What to expect after a Clipping?

I am sure this has been asked, but I am seeking your guidance. My mom is scheduled to have her frontal lobe aneurysm clipped at the end of this month. Apparently, the main aneurysm is growing a daughter aneurysm. What should we expect after the surgery? What are some things that I can expect as a caregiver? What are some things you wished your caregivers did/or did do that helped you? Any guidance is appreciated.

Hi Christina...Your mom will need lots of rest and understanding...patience is a key...it takes time to heal... Be there and Love her and the rest will take care of itself...You are a beautiful daughter just asking this question...~ Collen

Thank you! It’s been a scary time, but God will work through the surgeons hands!


While everyone is different, I will say that she will need lots of rest and patience. She needs to sleep as much as she can or at least be resting. She needs to allow others to cook, clean and care for her. In my experience, I needed helping showering for the first few weeks. Just the act of washing my hair was EXHAUSTING. My husband helped me in and out of the shower, at first helped wash my hair, and then dried me off. I used a new towel each time I showered just to cut down risk of infection. I did that for roughly two weeks. My kids loved helping me walk to the bathroom or wherever I was going in the house.

Make sure she takes the stool softener as recommended. Gross, I know, but do not learn the hard way. LOL. Your mom may be a mix of emotions. I had anxiety, anger and sadness. All very normal for what she will go through. My appetite was off for a few weeks. However, I knew I needed to eat to regain my strength. Pudding and jello were my friend. Just find what she can tolerate.

She needs to be very patient. One of the best things I learned from this site is to be patient and take the time to recover. Trying to rush the recovery may only set her back. As her caregiver, patient is a must as well. I was surprised at how well I looked after surgery. After a week you could not tell I just had major surgery. While mom may look well not long after recovery, recovery can take months. I was very lucky in that my surgery was very successful and I did not have any complications. With that said, I took 2-3 months to recover. If anything happens during surgery, or if there are any complications, recovery can take MUCH LONGER.

After surgery, I encourage you to come back here and ask any questions that you may have. Wishing you both all the best.


Thanks Terri!

I'm in the recovery phase myself, and the only thing I would add to that excellent advice is not to freak out if she seems to have any memory, speech, or other issues. Even after being discharged from the hospital, I was loopy and confused, telling people the same things twice (or more) and unable to do simple things. I won't yet claim to be perfect or just like I was before surgery, but I am 90% better now, a month after surgery. The fog does clear, and your brain speeds back up.

Thank you! Hope you have a speedy recovery and my God bless you all!

I was in ICU for 2 clipped annies. I had a hard time walking and in much pain in the tail bone area. Head did not hurt just back and leg pain. As soon as I went to physical therapy, 4 weeks later much better. It’s been 1.5 hrs. They told me since I was in surgery for 5 hours, that’s what did it and in bed for 2 months.