What to ask my dr. tomorrow

MRA tomorrow afternoon and afterward meeting with Dr. Malek in Boston to put the final plans for my treatment in place. Nervous! would love suggestions on good questions to ask!

I have an upruptured "small" annie on my ICA.

I had a "small" (4.5-5.0mm) one on my ICA too, and was told my my docs @ Johns Hopkins that I

had several treatment options.

(Since my Dad died of a rupture I decided not to watch & wait.)

I decided on "clipping" instead of the Pipeline or coil/stent after learning that endovascular procedures required repeat angiograms, follow up blood thinners & other drugs and had up to a 28% chance of needing repeat treatment.

The "clipping" sounded horrible and frightened me to death, but they operated on Thursday and I walked out of the JHU hospital Saturday night. I took my last two Tylenol for pain the Sunday morning after surgery. They took the stapes out one week after surgery, and today (3 weeks after surgery) I am easing back into my pre-annie life.

wow cecile. this really is interesting. I will ask about this. my dad almost died of his rupture ...how similar. mine is 4 mm.

I asked my surgeon about my current medications and if it effected anything and also asked what he would reccomend for his family if it were his mother or brother with this situation. I also asked him where it was located and what the outcome would be if it ruptured.

In response to cecelie am so glad to hear of your recovery. I am having a clipping done on June 1 and I am scared to death! I am assured by my surgeon that this is the best method for me as the coils would most likey have to be redone.

I was amazed that at first they thought the annie was only 4 mm and then after the cranial angiogram it turned out to be 5.9. Ahhhhh anyway I am trying to deal with the stress and have started walking in the morning and at noon to deal with it all.. Just 10 to 20 minute walks have done wonders.

I have to work one more week and then I am taking a week off to vacation prior to my surgery. I can't wait to get my life back!

Hi Elise! I too am a patient of Dr. Malek. Don't you just love him! I'm wondering if anyone gave you any important questions to ask. I know I asked questions during the consult, but most of it is a blur at this point. I know I asked about memory loss and stroke...both of which had a very low chance of happening, I believe. By now you may already have had your surgery. Was it coiling or clipping? How have you been doing since? My surgery is July 2nd. (gave myself some much needed NON-hospital time before I go in) Hope you are well and would love to hear back from you. Take care, Joan