What should be put on medical Id bracelet?

I was wondering what information should be included on a medical id bracelet? Who has one that they wear that could make some suggestions?


I wear 2...one that says...I am allergic to penicillin and antibiotic...and Brain aneurysm's...husband's number ... emergency contact...also, ordered one that has a computer item that if a cop and/or emergency vehicle finds me they can plug in their computer and my entire history read...not much room on the normal bracelets...~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen!

Very good question Laura. I have struggled with what to put on an ID bracelet as well. Where did you order the USB bracelet, Colleen? Did you put the information of what coils you have, as well, so they know that it is safe to do an MRI.

~ Carol

My husband suggested I sign up for Medic Alert. He likes that there is a depository for all information. I wonder how that works with HIPPA. Not sure how first responders would use either the USB or if the would call the number on the medic alert bracelet. It needs to be something that will be effective in an emergency situation. Hummmm.

Colleen, where did you order your bracelets from? Do you wear them 24/7? What are they made of? I wear fashionable bracelets and accessory jewelry every day. I don’t want to have to stop doing that, so I’m thinking of a silver disc I could pin onto my bra with my vital info inscribed. that would be concealed in my clothes but removed in an ER situation, if I were unable to speak for myself.

Has anyone tried something along those lines?

Hi Laura

I wear a SOS talisman around neck, chain is long enough to be inside clothing. I have a lot of drug allergies, I also have epilepsy and I am a blood transfusion hazard and my clips are not MRI friendly. It is all contained in the little locket and I do wear it 24/7. Makes it easier for me to get right allergies across even at routine appointment


Hi all, ordered cute leather cuff with medic alert info on it. I wear any time I am not with my husband. Etsy had some really cute options and the come in all sizes and styles. The goal is not to make it cute that it is not recognized as a medical id. Here is a link to the cuff on Etsy.


There are some lovely bracelets etc at Lauren’shope.com a ton of selection.

I just visited Lauren'shope.com. There are some really nice selections. Thank you

Thank you for the website info. I guess this year I’ll be putting Medical ID down on my Xmas list. Thank you again…Sending Blessings your way :slight_smile: