Medical Alert bracelet?

Hi Everyone-

I have another question (I keep thinking of things the closer I get to surgery!). Does anyone have a medical alert bracelet because they take plavix (or any other reason)? When I had my stroke several years ago & was put on coumadin, several drs/nurses recommended I get one even though I was only on it for a few months. Since plavix is a blood thinner like coumadin, I was thinking it might be wise to get a new one (?). Just wondering what you guys think.



HI Lisa...I have been working on this and I am getting a medical bracelet that I can insert my medical history...I am no longer on plavix, but with the coils and one unruptured aneurysm and so many medications I am allergic to ... the Doctors said it was of utmost importance...if you are unconscious, I am told it is the first thing EMT's look for on a person...~ Colleen


In the meantime, be sure you have a list w/you... I also have the list copy in my glove box w/contacts., too..

Lisa, I have always been some what odd...i.e. state law is that the insurance card be in the glove box; I also keep a copy in my case there was a reason the glove box was not readily accessible...

For meds, it is good to keep a list of start/stop because somethings do not leave our system overnight.

I have not ordered a bracelet yet, tho have talked about it w/others...

Hugs and Prayers for your upcoming days and surgery...

Thanks Colleen--I've heard that's what the EMTs look for a well. I've also been told that because I'm younger (40 something), most people would assume I wouldn't be on a blood thinner (friend told me that though not a dr so I don't know how true that is but something to consider).

Actually Pat, you're not odd -- those are great ideas. I think I will keep a list in my glove box and purse as well. I might even put a comment on the med bracelet to check my purse...that way I can keep the list up to date as you recommended. Thanks for your great ideas...I appreciate it!

I have a 5mm unruptured aneurysm. I wear a medical bracelet whenever I leave the house.

Hey Lisa,

I have a medic-alert necklace which at the moment is empty because the list is too long, I am working on ways to put everything that is needed in the short version. I have found that you can get them these days with a memory stick in the back. I am looking at this option for myself. The medic-alert has been strongly recomended by my doctors. Good idea to have one!

Hi Lisa, I wear a medi alert bracelet when I go out because I like Lisa and Colleen have an unruptured aneurysm, it just gives a couple of ICE (in case of emergency) numbers/Aneurysm/the hospital where I am being treated, I just hope that if I collapse they will look at my head also it gives me peace of mind. xxxxxxx

I have been considering getting one as I, too, have one unruptured plus the coiled one. At this time there are no plans to do anything with the unruptured one either. Did you order them over the internet, and if so, are there any you would recommend??

Hi Lisa,

I have a medical alert bracelet with a computer USB flash drive built in. If I were unconscious, or unable to communicate, the USB in my bracelet has my complete medical history, my latest MRI/MRA images of my repaired aneurysm, my untreated aneurysm and my stroke, as well as the complete list of the medications I take. All my doctors are listed, with their contact info. Even in the rural area where I live all the ambulances have computers in them.

For more info Google "Medical Alert + USB" as there are many companies who offer these. They also have necklaces and key chains with USBs. Inputting info onto these USBs is really quite easy.


WOW!!! Thanks. Julie!! That sounds like the perfect answer!!

That's great info...thanks Julie! It seems my meds (& condition!) keep changing and I don't want to buy a new one every time something changes so that is great info to know. I appreciate your help!

hi lisa i got an "on the go" report from medicare on line-its really good with all your info you type in &print out-my dr said it was a good idea but th only thing i didn have filled in was blood type-dr didnt know that either-i am also on coumadin but didnt seem to matter when i had the SAh cause they put me on lovenox (injection type)im 53 & THEY PUT ME ON MEDICARE(from medicaid)-OOPS CAPS-dont know how old you are but i guess even if u know someone whos on medicare you could print 2 copies & fill one out for yourself or just make your own on the computer- it has emergecy contacts,meds,implants,drs,pharmacy,height,weight, allergys-im going to make copies for car, home-hope this helps-good luck & may God Bless u & yours

This is corny but it worked for me. Pre-op I went to petsmart and at the registers you can purchase any type of pet tag and engrave it yourself right there with any info you want. Not all tags are ugly. They had some very pretty ones, heart shaped or simply round and plain. The words on mine were as abbreviated as possible with condition & emergency phone numbers. Some of the tags also offer 2-sided engraving. You can wear it on a chain, keep it on your key ring or both. I wore mine under my tops. Just made me feel more at ease. Then I printed a list of all my meds, doctors,etc and kept that by my license. You can add to the tags last line * INFO in BAG.* Post-op I made a new one.

There is a website that you can pick a tag and have 8 lines, front & back with approx 16 to 17 characters on each line. No way to add all of the info onto one so I did the best abbreviations I could think of.

There may be even more websites that offer more type tags. HTH's

WOW…I love that idea–that is thinking outside the box! Thanks for the info–I may be hitting the pet store this weekend since I’m still trying to figure out what to do (I love the USB idea but don’t like the look of the bracelets).

Hi Lisa,

I didn't like some of the USB Medical Alert bracelets either, until I found this one: and this one is waterproof: which is great.

I have two friends who are EMTs and they have told me this style of Medical Alert, with a USB, has saved two lives in my little town (both were tourists who had never been to the local hospital before, and both were unconscious). They can plug the USB into the ambulance and forward all the info to the hospital prior to arriving, so the hospital knows how to treat a patient ASAP. No phone calls needed, all the information is at their fingertips.

Since I already had two ruptures, I'm not taking any chances. I was misdiagnosed with the first one, now I make sure that any emergency room I end up in has a clue what's wrong with me, and has ALL my medical records, no matter where I am, no matter what time it is.


All I can find are engravable kinds. Are there other kinds?

Hi Everyone--

Just to give you an update on this. I wanted a usb bracelet but searched and searched and STILL couldn't find one I liked. So, I bought a usb keychain locket (from elegant ids that JillNH wrote about) that I'll put on my keychain holder in my purse and charms for a pandora bracelet. Yes, believe it or not, they have pandora charms that say "medic alert". I also bought another dangling charm to go on the braclet (not sure if the pandora is too small). I order it last weekend and have not put everything together. You can google pandora bracelets and charms (or pandora medic alert) and you'll get a ton of results--I bought mine thru a very large online retailer...the bracelets were only $7 (silverplated) then the charms were varying prices depending on what you want to add (I got enough charms to make 4 or 5 bracelets!). I'll try to add a picture once I finish it--probably this weekend.

Last update on this from me...promise! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this works (adding pics). The first pic is the usb keychain. I uploaded all the information (medical, drs, emergency contact, medications, etc) to it (very ez to follow install wizard) then attached it to the zipper inside my purse so you really can't miss it. You can't see it but there is a medic alert symbol on it. It also comes with a wallet card. The second pic is of the bracelet I put together. More my style than the others I could find online. The pandora med alert charm is rather small (I was afraid of that) but I think the dangling med alert charm is ez to, I can take it off that bracelet and put it on any bracelet I wear. Just another option to the many we have. Hopefully, for those who want one, they've found a lot of great ideas thru this post...I know I did! Thanks to everyone for your comments and recommendations!


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Lisa...thank you and others for providing so much data...