What happens

What happens to the aneurysm after it has been clipped off? I can’t seem to find an answer to that. I am asking for my daughter, and have so far received some very kind answers and two answers that seem to be from other countries looking for pen pals or ?? - not related at all to brain aneurysm problems. After seven months, my daughter is still recovering very slowly - she had a lot of other health issues, very serious, so that probably has something to do with it. The doctor gave no referrals for follow-up, did not provide her with a card telling her what type of clip had been placed in her brain - making further tests (MRI’s, etc.) problematic, not to mention airport security screening. Further, the skull does not seem to have been replaced together correctly in the center of her forehead - doctor said “air bubble” - feels like projecting bone to both of us. Anyone else with these problems or answers? My daughter is still confused and forgetful - will ask me for help, which I provide, then is unable to follow up. Please share experiences and I do not want a pen-pal, thanks.

you can go to your insurance website and locate a nuerologist close to you or your dr(surgeon) can refer you over to one …dont feel bad, after i had my 5mm anny rupture and coiled back in oct 09…i was told they would see me back in a yr to screen for possible scragglers,annys…lol…i had to ask for a dr to follow up with because a yr was too long to be seen again,at least for me,that would worry the heck out of me…do yall live in the US? and if so where? i might be able to contact my dr and get some names for drs in your area or i can give you the number,its Texas Nuerology214-■■■■■■■■…good luck and i will keep your daughter in my prayers for continued recovery and help finding a good dr…God bless

thank you Jim, they didn;t tell me anything, They talked to my family and they don't want to upset me. not knowing is worry me more.

They told me no MRIs, well told fanily and I listen. I know more the they think,

Happy New Year...Jim, did you have any stent implants?


Thank you! I kind of figured that, but couldn’t find answers around here!

We have another neurologist, still working on medical records, didn’t think to ask the hospital the type of clip and will do that. Appreciate your response.

We live in New Mexico close to El Paso - surgeries are either El Paso or Albuquerque - appreciate the Texas Neurology number and thanks for your prayers -