What else?

Had a visit with my neurosurgeon yesterday to find out if they found anything else on the CT scan they did last week. Now on top of having 3 aneurysms I also have an AVM which he says puts me in more danger right now than the aneurysms. They are scheduling an angiogram to get a better look at things but he tells me he will definately have to go in and remove the AVM. He thinks maybe the AVM is contributing some to one of the smaller aneurysms. He definately thinks the larger aneurysm will have to be coiled and a stent put in to hold the coils in. My head is just spinning now and I don't know what to think. The way he talked yesterday I am probably in for at least 2 or 3 operations. That is very scary! On top of everything else, my hours were cut at work and I have now lost my disability insurance. Also my health insurance only covers 80% of my bills so I am also looking at a mountain of debt in the future. I just don't know what to do anymore......I almost wish they would have never done the original CT scan.

Hi Cheryl,

I am so very sorry to read that you got bad news yesterday. Your feeling of wishing that you didn’t know any of this is understandable but please consider that it may be a tremendous blessing to give you an opportunity to take action on the most pressing issues.

If possible, please get a second opinion from a doctor at a hospital that is highly rated in neurology and neurosurgery. This additional findings makes an even stronger case for you to be seen and treated at the best possible institution…

You are right that one of the unfortunate truths of being sick or requiring complicated or multiple surgeries is the cost of treatment! The costs are “outrageous” even for those of us who have medical coverage. Please check your insurance policy to see if there is a limit on your annual out of pocket costs, e.g., $10,000. This is still a lot of money but knowing that there is a limit may help to calm your fears.

Please also know that you should plan to ignore the first 3-5 bills from the hospital to give your insurance company a chance to work through their reimbursement with them and finally agree on what they will pay and what you will ultimately be responsible for. Please keep track of all bills and take time to compare statements to make sure that you have been given credit for all your co-pays… Not only will you get bills from the hospital, you will get bills from every doctor who had “any” involvement in your treatment. It will be frustrating to have to keep up with all of this, but it is necessary to avoid overpaying. In many hospitals, you can negotiate the amount that you will pay to get it even lower.

May God bless you with a competent and caring treatment team and may his Peace be with you and your family.


Hi Sweetie...when it "rains it pours"...I am so sorry for all you are going through...

I do think they can't all of a sudden cancel your medical insurance...esp after you have found out about surgery...

Carole gave you some good advice...Gotcha in my prayers ~ Colleen