What can I expect?

Hi! January first I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and about everything that can go with it. I had 18 coils put in suffered a stroke, was paralysed, had an infection, had a shunt put in. Now 9 months later I found out that there has been a recurrance with my aneurysm and I have to have more coils put in.

Last time with the rupture and everything it was a very different event (I hope). They said I should just be in the hospital overnight. What can I expect for recovery? How will I feel? Will there be restrictions on my activities? Anyone who has been through it I would love to hear about it. Thanks!

Jim, Thank you for your response. It helps me have some idea of what to expect. :-) I had 2 angiograms with the last episode but they were complicated by the rupture. It's scary knowing they are going to do it again. The second one last time is when I had the stroke. I hope everything goes smoothly this time.

Hi Tammy … at my 6mos angiogram from surgery, Doc’s told me my coils are working and cutting blood supply to annie…but I find that many are recoiled and sometimes one year later…so it is a bit worrisome…however, you survived a rupture…and I think this will not be anything like a rupture…however, it is surgery and rest to heal your brain will be important…Gotcha in my Prayers…Colleen

Thank you Colleen! I hope you continue to recover too. It’s just a scary situation for us, isn’t it? Aneurysms just need to come with a manual so we know how to handle it and what to expect.


Sounds like you've had a heck of a year! I am a pipeline recipient as the coiling for my annie didn't work.

Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your recoiling and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Thank you Linda! It has been an interesting year but on the plus side it makes you realize how many great people you have in your life that are around to support you and how lucky we are for each day we have.


My husband just had his six month check up. Went in for his angio, to start with they only gave him something to relax him. They then put him to sleep because they needed to add a couple of extra coils. He was in the hospital overnight. He was tired for the first few days, but was back to work in a week after the procedure. Definetly alot recovery time than from the original rupture and coiling.


Prayers to you for what you have been through and your recovery and this follow-up.


Thank you! I hope your husband continues to recover. It sounds like it should be a breeze compared to the original rupture.

Thank you Pat! I appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers.