Were you diagnosed before rupture

How many of you that had a ruptured Annie had been diagnosed with them.

I'm just waiting to get a date to go in and have 2 of my 3 Annies clipped.

not me , i never knew although they checked my aorta but it wasn't there.

didnt even know i had an anny...no symptoms ...then rupture of 5mm anny oct 2009..doing great n life is good, but God has made it great...i know you'll be fine..good u caught them b4 rupture..God bless

I'm due to get two unruptured annies clipped on February 23rd. Been living with them now for over 2 months. At first you can't stop wondering when your head will explode, but the risk of rupture is so minimal over a few months, and eventually you can somehow get on with your life. Although I have to admit my pending surgery is always in the back of my mind. Let us know when you get a date for your operation, maybe you and I will be recuperating together!

Thank you ladies for your replies. I agree with you Annie we are just waiting for this thing to go pop. I just want it over and done with to be able to get on with my life. I will let you all know as soon as i get a date.

Hi Carolanne....mine was leaking and giving me problems....Thank~God....it hadn't ruputred when they found it with an MRA...I was then coiled...sooner than later...

Happy New Year's!

My unruptured annie was diagnosed last March via MRA for another symptom. I had coiling and a stent put in October 24.

My doctor referred me to a neurosurgeon at the time, but I didn't make the appt due to declining health of an elderly person I was becoming guardian for. After my doctor finding out I never went - her office scheduled an appt. in September. After an angiogram, my neuro said that he didn't really want to wait 3 months to fix it because of the location, etc. and scheduled it for October.

I don't know how long I had the annie, but was lucky that it did not rupture before the surgery. I would trust your neurosurgeon if he/she thinks it is fine to wait. Let us know when you are scheduled.


I forgot I had an unruptured annie removed from my neck (jugular) when I was 30. I only knew about it because it would swell when I was under pressure - it was soft and strange. I actually had waited a few years for it to be diagnosed - and then I had doctors asking me if they could see me because it was so rare!!

My story.
In 2005 during a routine medical check My annie was discovered.
I have been visited by one of the most famous european neuroradiology who said : the annie is too small, nothing should happened , forget about it. No needs of further check.
It was exactly what I did but 4 years later I had my rupture and the assistant of the famous doctor save my life first with coils and later with a PED.
That’s life, my was in the ofthalmic artery.
Take care of you, giovanni

Hi Giovanni: How big had your annie grown to be when it ruptured? Were you having yearly testing on it? I have 3 and they said same thing, small and no risk of rupture. But I read some studies on internet showing 30-40% of ruptures were annies smaller than 5mm. Hmmmm. Thanks, Mitch

Hi Mitch, my annie was smaller than 5 mm.
It growht up to 10mm in 4 years.
The famous doctor has just applied the literature who said any risk if the annie is less than 5mm, and I completely trust him , and this was my mistake, any further check from 2005 to 2009.
In my understanding in the last years the literature has change, and now it seems more coils and ped oriented instead only wait and see.
Take care of you