Welcomes 10 July 2022

This week has gone by quickly for me, I’m exhausted​:crazy_face::rofl:. But today is Sunday and I get to take a break and give a big shout out to our newest members!

Starting off is @nancy5 Nancy had a SAH and was treated with coils. She’s also a wife, Mother and Grandmother! She’s in Chicago, a place that’s really fun to visit with good walking shoes!

@BUB is in Ohio. Dawn has been busy with her unruptured basilar aneurysm. She’s has been treated with coilings, clipping and bypass, that’s a lot! I wonder how many times she had to go back in for a procedure? Not doing anything half way, Ms. Dawn is also a Hospice Social Worker married to the love of her life, Mother of 4 and Grandmother of 9! She must stay busy, I think…

@Jayme is in Texas. She’s had her MRA and there’s an aneurysm in the same location of her Mother and Grandmother. Her Grandmother passed away due to her rupture, but her Mother survived hers. I’m glad she’s had hers discovered before it ruptured! I imagine Jayme is kept on her toes with three girls!

We end this week’s new members with @Jbobbs1978 in Arkansas. Jessica has two aneurysms behind her right eye. The first was coiled in 2012 and ready to get the second one fixed. I don’t know what Kggiyo means, maybe she will let us older folks know😂

Welcome y’all! Please start a new topic under General, introduce yourself and let us help best we can.

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Welcome everyone. Tell us your stories and how we can help. God bless and stay encouraged.

Welcome all…this is a great support group!!

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