Newest members 29 June 2022

Went to visit family in GA, our great niece just turned 1! So I’m a bit late in announcing new members and I do apologize…

@Katlar7 is from the South Eastern part of the USA. Kathy has an aneurysm behind her left eye and is terrified to have it repaired…she has a lot of experience with aneurysms. Her best friend had an aneurysm followed by four strokes and now is in a nursing home. Her husband had clipping in 2005 and is living with headaches. Her terror in having a repair is well justified isn’t it? Kathy we can help support you, please start a new topic under the General tab!

@marial030303 is up in NY Maria and an angiogram and the doc found not one, not two, but four aneurysms! She’s not been treated as yet. Maria has been fighting vertigo for a couple of years and the neurologist finally sent her to get an MRI. She’s in my age group and sounds like she has a great support group, caring fiancé, 3 children and 3 grandchildren! As a very active, retired school teacher I bet she can help those grand babies. Welcome aboard Ms. Maria!

@Nala33 is our newest member, just accepted her today! Rebekah really needs our support folks…She found her sister in her home back in February. Her sister had a ruptured aneurysm. She went from NSICU to rehab and then the moves started. Her sister is now in her fifth nursing facility! Rebekah is trying to get guardianship. Her sister is able to speak but unable to use her left side. Rebekah seems to be fighting insurance and the system and sounds as if she’s reached the end of her rope with everything going on. Please start a new topic under General so we can help support you!

There’s one member who hasn’t seen the automated email so we can’t accept them, hopefully soon!

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