Welcome week 29 May 2022

Big welcome to our newest members! We are travelign the globe this week!

Starting our list is
@Aneurysm Elle is in Colorado, think Rockies though there’s other beautiful parts of this State! She had an incidental find of an AcoA and has already started posting! Please reach out to her here 2mm ACoA incidentally discovered 25 Apr 22 - #11 by Moltroub

@Chardles lives down under, Australia! She had a clipping of an AcoA (Anterior Communicating Artery) Dec 2021 and is having a bit of a struggle. We can help Char! Just let us know how by starting a new topic under General.

@Katemac1981 is in the UK, London. Kate also had a clipping and is scared. She’s looking to connect with others. Just need to reply to an existing post or start your own topic Ms. Kate so we can help you out…

@Nesselhauf12 lives in Missouri. Laura has six children and a husband who’s supportive. Good thing too, she had a rupture and was in hospital two week. Went back for a recheck and another was found and she was still bleeding. A different hospital, longer than expected surgery, had a stroke and 2 seizures and a 13 day stay. She has to go back in July for a recheck. She doesn’t want any more surgeries and we don’t blame her.

To round off the week is @Nikrapc lives in NC! Hey Ms. Carolyn! (southern speak for hello y’all). She had an incidental find and clipping was done a short time ago. I wonder if it was at Duke? She’s a fighter this one, having survived cancer.

Welcome, welcome, welcome! We have three members who’ve been accepted but haven’t responded to the generated email. Please remember to do this folks!

If you reside in the USA, have a safe Memorial Day weekend. This is the time we remember and honor the members of the Armed Services who have fallen while in active duty. To those family members, I bow my head with you.