Wedge pillow advice needed!

I have read that elevating your head is important after clipping surgery. Any advice for good pillow brands and sleeping after surgery?

I can only sleep flat on my left side(exactly where I will be having surgery).

I was coiled, not clipped...however I think the wedge pillow is a great idea...often with my flat pillow even 4 years after my surgery...I have much pain on the back of my head and neck and must sit up to sleep...I am going to share this with all our members through email and see if they can help...wishing you the best ~ Colleen

I was coiled, not clipped, but I too sleep on a wedge pillow. The first one I tried I bought off and it was really high up, I couldn't use it. I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and found one to use in conjunction with a memory foam pillow. I also sleep on my side so it took a little getting use to. It's been 3 years, you just need to find your comfort zone, you will! I also don't have any affiliation with any of the places I mentioned above.

I'm just adding my two cents since pillows are such a personal preference. But I was strictly a stomach and side sleeper before my clipping last September. Before surgery we bought a recliner and that helped me immensely (so much that I slept in it for ~10 months! lol). I get neck pain if that space behind my neck and head aren't supported. So I used a super soft rolled up sweat pant. It fit perfectly.

I tried sleeping on my bed once on a wedge and my head didn't like the pressure it created. Again this is purely personal preference. At one point my Mama made me a U shaped pillow that resembles those travel pillows. That helped too. But I'm finally back in bed with soft pillows that I can wedge under my neck. I have even caught myself flipping over onto my stomach again. When the neck pain gets strong I use a pillow that's filled with some sort of nut(?) that fills in the contours. I must have a chicken neck or big head.

Good Morning, Kit34... Sleeping elevated is healthy in many ways. I have used a wedge pillow for years because of stomach issues. I use a soft regular pillow on top of the wedge to support my neck and head, otherwise I slide off the wedge.

If your doctor is prescribing a wedge pillow, you may be able to get one that works for you through a medical supply company and your insurance might pay for it. You might want to check out this possibility.

If you are not able to do it through insurance; then Bed, Bath and Beyond carries them as do some other home goods stores. Also, they are available through many catalog sales. Google "wedge pillows" and see what comes up.

Hopes this helps. Best wishes to you.


I had my clippings on the left side of my head which is the side I always sleep on too. I unfortunately was never advised to buy a wedge pillow but I can tell you, you'll be glad you did!

I had 2 down pillows that I bunched up to try to get comfortable and I also used one of those ice packs that come in the soft plastic like the frozen veggies come in (not sure what they're called) they helped a lot!

Wish you all the best :)

Kit...I so promote Relax the Back ...check for a store near you and check out their options... I cherish mine...and, no... I am not a stock-holder in this company...The have a variety of pillow shapes / sizes...

Can check it out online...

Harlylena notes her rolled up sweat pants for below her neck...I have had the Relax the Back neck pillow for years...As noted by others...I was also coiled...which I never view/remember as the minimally invasive procedure...

Best wishes in finding what is right for you...


I just ordered one yesterday. My wife is going to have nose surgery, a deviated septum. She has been told that she will need to sleep with her head elevated for several days. I found an amazing number and selection of them on, the seem to run from around $25.00 to over $65.00. The elevations seem to run from 7" to 12". Check them out. I really do not know which brands are better. My wife looked them over and selected one that she believes will do the job.

Interesting. I never heard about using wedge pillows. My first thought was the foam wedge they strapped my legs to after hip replacement surgery so I wouldn't cross them over each other before the joint healed. I know that is just a silly aside. Anyhow, after my clipping I didn't sleep on that side or even hold the phone to the ear on that side. Now it is fine, a little funny feeling but not upsetting. I'm 3 years post rupture, but the change occurred when I took a course of Serraflazyme, and enzyme for dissolving scar tissue.

Hi Kit! I use a foam one with a huge "granny" down one on top, this gives a little elevation and is really comfy for the neck, I was plagued by neck cramps early on, thank God that improved, just saw a infomercial with a new pillow that's washable but actually retains its shape and properties, it works for side sleepers as well, I would buy it if I was in the market for one, so sorry you cant sleep on right, I cant either even b4 sah- my left side would go numb, and now I cant sleep on left side cause of the numbing pain from the sah damage

I might look for the new pillow cause I just recalled it supposed to give a deeper sleep and has even proved to help kids w grades etc etc, if your interested write me back and i'll find the website, tc, keeping you in thoughts and prayers~~

I used a body pillow after my surgery and that was of great help. Good luck, I wish u a speedy yrecovetu.recovery

I used 2 wedge pillows for awhile. I bought one and had it on top of the mattress. I did not like that, so what I ended up trying was 2 wedge pillows side by side under the top mattress (on a full size bed). I liked that a lot more, and used them for about 3 months.

However, I now have an adjustable bed with memory foam. OMG... I love my new bed. I can adjust the elevation to what is comfortable, and the memory foam is incredibly comfortable.

I don't know how much shipping would cost me, but I would be willing to send my wedge pillows to anyone that can use them free of charge (so long as I can afford the shipping).

PS- I bought the cheapest adjustable bed I could find, and it's still the best bed I've ever slept on. I was told that you can't find them for less than $2500, but I found one brand new, delivered, and set up for less than $1000 (queen size).

That’s amazing! Maybe I should get an adjustable bed

That’s great- thanks! I will look into this brand

I found one v pillow on top of two normal pillows worked for me.

I also sleep on my left side, after a couple of weeks I was back on the left side and still using the v pillow

Not sure if I'm allowed to post this here, but this is the bed I bought:

It is the bottom of the line that they offered for adjustable, and it was $850.22 with tax, delivery and setup. This is a Colorado company, but it can give you an idea of the cheapest ones.

i have had 2 ruptures.... 6 total aneurysms, 1st rupture in 1988, includes 4 clips for rupture and finding 2 other aneurysms...... around 2004, 2006 they find 2 more... not operable at the time.... 2011 because of horrific headaces, weight gain, general illness, sent for aniogram... FOUND NO. 6...On brain stem... not a good area huh. angiogram dr. and anetesiologist came to recovery and told me of their findings.. tears in eyes, no kidding. "get your things in order" statement was made. Neurosurgeon returns from out of town. (within days) and tells me...... no operating...we'll watch it....another angiogram in 6 months. BS!!!!!! right!!!! I came to Ny knowing #6 was going to rupture... to visit my life long friend. And 3 months into my stay ..#6 ruptures. Stony Brook, Dro Woo and fiorella SAVED ME!! NO DOUBT!... yep long hard crappy recovery, stll fighting for my brain to get back... but can't and don't complain considering.... the unreal has happenend and I am still on this earth.. God's grace who gave my neurosurgeons the ability. No other answer medically why I still exist. At all. Simple answer...YES YOU MUST SLEEP WITH YOU HEAD ELEVATED SOMEWHAT!!!! It will change everything! especially if you have a shunt!!! God Bless You

That’s great! You found that you could sleep comfortably on the left side after a few weeks?

Thanks! I’ll try bed bath and beyond this weekend