Eyes swelling after clipping

I am almost two months post clipping surgery and was wondering if anyone else experienced this and how long it lasted. Mine is in my right eye and is slightly noticeable if you look right at it. My Dr says this is normal as I am still healing. Input would be appreciated. Thanks and happy holidays to all.


Hey Troy, my swelling went down pretty quickly. I slept on a wedge pillow- that might help? I had more swelling in my temple area for a while and I still have numbness near the incision- you?
Merry Christmas!

Yes the entire right side of my head is numb around the incision. Dr said it was from where the nerve endings were cut. Kind of a weird feeling for sure. I have scene you mention the wedge pillow what are they?

Did your Dr say whether the numbness would go away eventually? A wedge pillow is really just a block of memory foam to keep your head elevated. You could do the same thing with pillows, towels etc.

Hi Troy,

I also had swelling on my right eye but it went down by the time I left the hospital, 4th day. I also have swelling in the temple area still and it's been 5 weeks now and still have numbness were they cut a long the temple area..This is what they said is normal and could take up to 3 months to have feeling again.

I use 2 pillows and it seems to help. One is a standard pillow and the other a memory foam which you can find at Marshalls or wal mart...I also take a wash cloth and put cold water on it and lay down and place it over the area thats swollen...I hope this helps

Merry Christmas

I was coiled not clipped but had swelling. When I finally got home, none of my hats fit! I kept a blanket under my pillow in a wedge shape to keep a 20 degree angle for my head. My right eye was swollen and I kept cool washcloth over them.

I also learned a trick from an old Englishman. His father was a blacksmith. When you get welding burns on your eyes or any swelling, drink a cup of tea and put the used tea bag on your eyes. It feels fantastic! I used it a lot when I got home. Also a cool cloth on my neck seemed to help with the swelling in my head or headaches. My eye doctor suggested Systane as my swelling was making my eyes more dry. I used it a lot.

Hope this helps.

I was clipped 9/26/13 and remember my left eye was swollen shut. It finally open just enough that I could see through my eyelashes 10/12. But it was swollen in varying levels for the next several months. I still have minor swelling around my temple and numbness around my eyebrow. Doc says it'll go in time. Cut nerve endings.

I had a clipping 12 years ago. I have had the swollen eyes since. I have been to countless Doctors about it. I have found a Dr that has worked with me for the past year. We did testes and he has found some stuff, but I just had eyelid surgery, the pathology answered a lot of questions. My Doctor has never seen anything like this and is very curious about it. He would like to get more people who have this issue to touch base with him so that they can try to start a study on it. He is like my Dr. House. His name is Dr Charles Soparkar is email is, <■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■> and he has a web site. He has become very concerned over this since I told him I was not the only person having this. He came recommended to me through the Dean of Ophthalmology at Berkley. Which says a lot since he is in Houston Texas.