Wall of Remembrance

miss ashley everyday she was my niece

My mother Amalia.Had an aneurysm rupture on April 10,2005.She used to get haedaches but nothing relally serioys.It alla just happened in a sudden way. She fighted for her life 3 full months-treated with embolization coiling-but the complications were too many for her to bear...She died from 3heart attacks in a row..She was 42 years old only..9 years passed, but her loss is and will keep be unbearable..Miss you mammy a lot.. How I wish you were here!!!!

So, sorry for your loss! He was so young and handsome!

No words can be said to ease your pain. May her soul rest in peace. She was very beautiful!

My condolence to you and your family, Penny. I pray for strength for you all. It is definitely not easy from any way you look at it. My family went for testing after my rupture and we found out my older sister has one and she's being monitored. Unfortunately, my brother wasn't so lucky and passed away. Please do your best to take things just one step at a time. May God strengthen you all.

Thank you, we are doing well. It never goes away but the fog is lifting.

Thank you some of us have been tested and everything so far is good. I am next I will be scheduling mine at my next appointment at the end of the month. We have a few more to go. We are all here for each other and face whatever comes as a family.

I pray each one of you will not have it

Oh goodness! You didn't even have time to mourn! It is every parent worst nightmare. I am sure as much as she loved you, she is happy you survive to continue life for both of you.

May God strengthen you thru such tragedy

My husband, Bill Carlson 12/14/59 - 9/12/14

thank you ! my heart aches daily without


I'm very sorry for you loss, however, what we must remember, is that God is in control and He has been running the world long before any of us arrived here. We have to trust that He knows what is best for us as well as our loved ones. It sometimes is very difficult. I always ask "Why me"? Not why did I have a ruptured aneurysm and stroke, but why did He allow me to live? That's my why me? question. There are so many people that had the same kind of annie that I had and they passed away. Why? We just have to trust and believe.

So, so sorry for your loss, Lisa!

Amen to that, Donna!

Hello Kelly, my prayers are with you and your family on the 1st anniversary of your beloved daughter

Ashley, she is watching over you always as a beautiful Angel in heaven.

Kelly, I'm truly so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter! May God continue to give you and your family the strength that is needed to walk through this painful and confusing time.

Thank you

My prayers and condolences to you and your family Lisa. I'm sure it's a very tough time for you all now.

My condolence, Tammy. May his soul rest in perfect peace