My Mother passed away from two ruptured Brain Aneurysm after 9 days of recovering from surgery. She passed away April 4, 2011. I am the oldest of 3 girls. I am 28 years old I am married and have a beautiful 3 year old son. I wanted join the foundation for support and knowledge of what happened. I hoping to do something to help me heal and help others too. Thank you- Dhel sorry for your loss...Brain annies have taken too many lives...

Embrace the Good Memories of Mom...and I hope in time you will heal...

God Bless Colleen


Please accept my condolences for the loss of your mother. You and your sisters can be magnificent support for one another; and, in your love for your son and all the rest of your family.

Welcome to this group and hope it will help you.

Prayers to you all,


thank you everyone for your condolences

so sorry to hear of your lost,god bess you and your family linda

Hello Dheldari,

I am so sorry to hear of your mother's passing. My mother passed away years ago when I was 13-years old from Leukemia. She was 32-years old. What will get you through this sad and terrible ordeal is your faith and the wonderful memories you have of your mother. Embrace the memories and count your blessings and stay close to the rest of your family members. This very sad event will define and shape the young woman you are today. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. How old was your mother? Warmest Regards, Fabienne

Thank u Fabienne,

my mom was 55 she left a 26 year old, 22 year old and myself 28. I am blessed to have shared alot in the last few months, i am also thankful for her raising us and we are not so "little" it must have been hard for you at 13. I'm sorry about your loss too. My father is 54, he is devastated. At first he was saying that him and mom had an agreement to go together but he has not said that anymore. I am hoping to keep a close eye on all of them. My mother's ashes are at home and it's brought comfort to all of us to have her around. It was very sudden and i think i am trying to be the older sister and take over. I've always taken over. We immigrated from Mexico 21 years ago and when i learned English after 3 months of arriving, i instantly became their "spoke person" and I never stopped even so when they all learned it I remained in charge. My mom left me in charge that is the reason why you find me in this group to get my sanity back. I know this group understands....