Deborahs story

When I was in high school, my Grandmother passed away from a brain aneurysm. A few years later my Aunt also passed away from a brain aneurysm. One year ago my Mom was also taken away from me by a brain aneurysm. Never in a million years would I have thought so many female members of my family would be taken by the same thing. I never thought to get educated about brain aneurysms until my Mom passed away. Since then I have been trying to get my doctor to send me to a neurologist and it has taken a year for her to do so. I have worried and grieved so much this past year and finally had an MRI and an MRA done today. I will have to wait until monday to find out the results but what is a few more days when I have been waiting a year. I was so excited to find this organization because it has given me more education about brain aneurysms than I have gotten from any other site or any other doctor I have spoken to. I really hope to find support from others who have lost loved ones and especially survivors. Thank you so much for reading my story.

Hi Deborah and welcome to BAF

Your story is very similar to mine in that I too lost my grandmother, just after I graduated from high school, right before I got married and her brother when I was a wee lil bitty child.

My older sister also had an annie clipped about a year and half prior to my two annies being found. It's a scary thing knowing that it runs in the family, I know I've been there, done that. My sister and I each have annies that area also on watch and wait to see if they grow any.

I do pray that your tests are clear and that you never have to go through the same thing that we all have. Please know that you are so lucky because you have been down that road, you have a family history of it, and if one is found, you will know about it prior to rupture. That is half the battle that only 50 percent win.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and please keep us posted on your test results!


Deborah, welcome!

I'm so sorry for all your losses, but I am so glad you insisted on being tested!

This is the link to the FIA ( ), the Familial Intracranial Aneurysm Study which explains the links to aneurysms in families like your's. Read the publications and newsletters....some are quite technical, but worth the read. Please view the YouTube video here: . For more info, please Google " Familial Intracranial Aneurysm."

If you smoke, quit NOW! Second hand smoke is just as bad, so please stay away from smokers, and don't let anyone smoke around you (My husband smokes outside, never around me, although I wish he would just quit). If you have high blood pressure, please speak with your doctors about how to get it under control.

Again, welcome, and I'm so glad you were tested! I hope and pray they come back clear.


Deborah, welcome, and my sympathy for all your losses through this situation. You are blessed to finally get your testing done, and, know we all await your results. No matter what they are, it is best and right to know early.

A friend of mine lost her dad, then one son, and two years later her aneurysm ruptured. She lost her son during the time the genetics data was available and, it was not addresed w/her. She was blessed with excellent emergency treament and surgery/clip.

Prayers for the greatest results of none; and, whatever the results, they are the right and best for you to have early.


Hi Deborah, I have lost a brother & cousin from an aneursym, never thinking I would have a rupture. I suffered from headaches for years, & some times to the point I wanted to die. Went to a neurologist & he kept insisting nothing was wrong & he knew my history. Had my SAH 17 mos. ago, with 2nd coiling & a stent done in Sept, 2011. Its been a roller-coaster ride all the way. Will say after the 2nd coiling & stent, I haven't had any headaches, except when I'm really stressed & tired. just have pressure feeling on the side of head where the rupture is. Hope all goes well for you & you have good news. If you don't, keep the faith all will be ok. Will be thinking of you.


Thanks you so much and I will be sure to check all these out as soon as I can. I do smoke and have high blood pressure which I take medicine to control. I knew smoking was very unhealthy but now that I know that it is also one of the causes of rupture and other things I am going to try very hard to quit. I have tried unsuccessfully before but now I have a REAL reason. I also have three young children and worry about them having one some day also, but I will be sure to start getting them tested as soon as they are 18. I really appreciate all the support and will let everyone know as soon as I get my results.

Hi Deborah - About a month ago, I found out that I have an 8mm aneurysm; Thursday, I am going for an angiogram, just to make sure, & then we're going from there. Well anyway, I smoke as well, & I am desperately trying to quit. I've cut down from about 12-15/day to 4-5/day. Some days it's really difficult, but I have absolutely no desire to go back to the amount I was smoking before! I'm doing it without any medicine or nicotine therapy...I just keep telling myself that each cigarette is not worth it in the long term. But anyway, I just wanted to share that what's been working for me is just making myself wait a few minutes after each urge strikes. I find that if I can just get myself past the initial craving (which usually takes about fifteen minutes or so), I can totally bypass the craving altogether. I also remind myself every time I want to smoke that the goal is to quit & even if I'm cutting back by "just smoking one," "just smoking one" is ultimately not quitting. Good luck with quitting & with your results on Monday! It really is just a whirlwind of emotions & I know it sounds like a cliche, but you really just have to take things one day at a time. I have gotten so much information from this website; I hope it helps you too!