3 Years and Feeling Terrific!

It was three years ago today that I had my clipping after being airlifted the day before due to an SAH. I remember post surgery wondering if life would ever be normal again. What I found is that it is better than normal! Life is excellent and I am so happy I am here to enjoy it.

I continue to work full time in the HR field. I enjoy time with family and friends. I walk 3-6 miles per day, 4-5 days a week. I drink my precious wine without getting headaches. I am so appreciative for everyday.

My memory could be better but I can’t figure out if that is due to the aneurysm or aging. It’s a nuisance when I can’t remember names or lose words but I’m 49 and pretty healthy overall. I am grateful to be doing as well as I am.

Cheers! Gigi

Congratulations and best wishes for many more anniversaries.


Gigi...you were/are blessed with quality care...so pleased for you...to be able to return to work full time..and, so expect you will have numerous wonderful years before you...

Yea!!! I love reading things like this! I had a rupture in Jan 2014 while at my daughters high school dance comp (she saw me leave the stands when she was dancing) I also had one clipped a month later. I too have struggled with wondering if life will ever be the same or 'good'. Thanks for sharing!!

Don’t look for the person you use to be embrace the person u be come

That's fantastic and wonderful news. It definitely changes the way you look at life doesn't it? I'm only a family member of someone with an aneurysm and it changed my life completely!! I bet you are a stronger person now. And it's so good for others to read positive stories like this. When I first came to this forum, stories like this gave me such hope, they really helped me. Yay for you!! x

So happy for you! It's encouraging to hear that there is life after SAH. My husband is really struggling and it breaks my heart to see him so sad. He's almost 6 months out and things are still very difficult. He's wondering if his vision will ever get better, if he'll drive again, work on our farm...have his life back. I wish I could tell him that he'll recover and be himself again but I don't know. Just doing my best to lift him up and encourage him. I feel like I'm so broken too but as the caregiver I have to be the strong one now. Trusting in my faith in God to see us through this dark season.

These things take time and my recovery was not overnight. Stay positive and I can say what really helped me was walking. That’s something you can do together. Make sure you give yourself time off too. Being a caregiver is not easy. My best to you both! :slight_smile: Gigi

Thank you Jingles!

Jingles said:

I completely believe you are doing so well because of your grateful attitude!! Thanks for sharing and so good to hear success stories:)

Gigi - Wine, Walking, and Work! You got it covered girl! Great to hear you’re doing well!

Hi Gigi!

I was just diagnosed with two small aneurysms on the anterior communicating artery and clipping is our preferred choice at this time. Your story gives me so much hope!

I love walking too and while I am waiting to meet with the neurologist and neurosurgeon, I have not wanted to do anything that might cause my blood pressure to raise too much. So, your story gives me hope that I will be able to continue working, walking and drinking a little bit of beer lol!

Enjoy every day and I'm so happy for you!


Thank you all for your good wishes. I wish all the best for each of you and your families. Give yourself time to recover. I was afraid of doing a lot of things afterwards and I continue to overcome those one by one. Life may not be exactly the same but for me it’s better. I have such a greater appreciation of it now. It’s about time and I am happy for each moment.