Waking from a Coma

After my mom’s aneurysm ruptured she was placed in an induced coma for a week. When she woke up she started having vasospasms and was then sedated for a day or two to keep her calm. When they stopped the sedation, the neurosurgeon told us she had gone into a neurocoma and he wasn’t sure when she would wake up. Thank the Lord, she started opening her eyes two days later, only for a few minutes. But the following day she woke up for a few hours and she seems to be awake more and more every day which I am so grateful for.

I’ve tried doing research on patients waking from comas so my family and I have an idea of what to expect. It has only been three days since my mom first opened her eyes, so I know it is still early stages. She seems to be in a vegetative state. She is able to look around, and every now and then she recognizes us and smiles (I can’t tell you how much my heart dances when that happens).

I was just wondering if there are any wonderful members here who would like to share their story of waking up from a coma? It would really help my family and I… Thank you.

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I was in a GCB of 3 coma, from 2 ruptures, over 2 weeks and when I came out of it, I looked around and knew family and they told me what happen, all I remembered is a sharp pain and falling. We are all different I gusse because they told me that I had been awake twice before and even talked on the phone once. It has been 18 months now and I take care of my husband which has a lot of problems and tho I have some bad day I'm at about 90 % of my old self.

I will keep her in my prayers,

Hey Dominique,

I have no experience with this but I do want you to know that I think it's a positive sign that she is awake more and more... My prayers are with you all...It seems like she has a great support system in you..Any mom would be proud to have a daughter like you...

Thoughts & Prayers


Praying for your family.


I was lucky in that they discovered the annie before it ruptured, so I never experienced a coma. I do think the fact that she was only under for a few days and is more awake and recognizing you is a great sign. I pray that she continues to improve every day.


My husband had a ruptures SAH last April and was in the hospital for 6 weeks. He honestly only remembers the last week on the rehab floor. He too opened his eyes looked around and talked some but didn't "come back" for weeks. He is now back to work and 90% or more what he started as. Each person is different (I was sooo sick of hearing this I wanted answers) Don't get discouraged even the tiny things are to be celebrated. Don't let the negativity of the Dr. or nurses ever get to you!! That I believe is what saved my sanity!

Hello Dominique, as I read your story I'm relating it to my story as I sit her and stare at my mom. She had a clipping done 18days ago and has been in a coma for that long. The doctors and nurses tell me this is it thats all my mom will recuperate. She does open her eyes and hears us talk to her but I'm not sure she recognizes. I refuse to believe this is it. My mother is a strong person all her vitals are doing great. To the doctors mom opening her eyes is no big deal to me Its a big reason to believe my mother will soon wake up. Please let me know the status of your mother. I will be praying for you and your mom.

Sincerely Soraida

Hello Soraida,

I think you are 100% right in not believing that this is it for your mom. A lot has changed since I posted this discussion. My mom is home and recovering phenomenally well. Waking from her coma was a slow process and looking back I realise that the faith and positive energy we, as a family, had, helped my mom pull through. Believe me, I know this is a scary and tough time for you and your family but all you’ve got to hold onto is your hope and faith. Don’t give up and try your best to remain positive. It will really help your mom. My mom is talking, walking, laughing and doing all the things the doctor’s didn’t believe she would do. Recovery takes time. Try be patient and offer all the support you can to your mom. I will be thinking of you and her and praying for you both. Please let me know how she’s doing. I will do my best to offer you any advice and support I can…



My wife Sue was in a drug enduced coma for about a week to ten days after she had a SAH last August the whole family took it in turns to stay with her night and day she contracted pneumonia and things didn't seem very good for a while, untill eventually she started to improve and wake up which took about another two weeks or so to be properly wake she use to talk so softly we had to put our ear next to her mouth so we could hear her, her right arm and leg didn't seem to work at first but gradually they started to move she did have tersion sydrome in her left eye and she has peripheral damage.Eventually they got her up and and got her walking after about three weeks and she was discharge after five weeks , she does suffer from memory loss and feels cold alot of the time. Now 8 month on she still gets very tierd and sleeps quite a bit ,she has just had her first angiogram and all seems good, she still has one aneurysm they are watching but she is still here that the main thing. I sincerely hope everything goes well with your mum and like everyone will tell you its just a matter of time the consultant did say it could take up to two years or more. Best Wishes to you and your Mum.John & Sue


I am so happy to hear that your mom is doing phenomenally well. It brings a smile to my face and content to my heart. My mother is finally out of ICU (yay) and into PCU a progressive care unit. She has now started opening her eyes. She is also off the ventilator. I do exercise her arms and legs so they won't be so stiff. A neurologist came by to evaluate her and told us she would be fine but it would take several weeks for swelling to come down. Well I can see mom is very slowly recovering. To read your story gives me some hope. I know my mom will be okay I always knew. God has been very merciful towards her and our family. I know he will continue to bless her and heal her.

How long was your mom in a coma Dominique? And please give her a hug from our family. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news with me.




How is your mum now?

Hello SarahA,

Well, it has now been a little over 6 years since my mom’s brain aneurysm rupture… I can’t believe it. She is absolutely perfect. She has a permanent shunt running from her brain to her stomach to help drain fluids. Other than that, she has no “damage” from the aneurysm rupture. She works full time, she is very actively involved in her church community, she has full memory and is doing wonderfully! We’re very blessed and very grateful every single day…