What to expect now

Hi! On Monday at about 1a.m. my mom was unresponsive so I called the ambulance. She had a large brain aneurysm. They didn’t think she was going to make it but she did and on day 2 she woke up on her own and has been following all instructions given when they ask her to move something. All the nurses were shocked after seeing the condition she was in. Anyway she Is still on the ventilator and after a CT scan tonight which showed some swelling still she has been alert and responsive. My question is what should I expect? I am terrified of what is to come. Her and I don’t have anybody but each other so I’ve been dealing with this by myself. I am determined to get her back to where she was before and I would really like to get prepared for what needs to be done before she comes home.

Hello Gina, good to hear your Mom is alert and responding. The brain is pretty complex and everyone has a different story as to what happened next. There is a group for SAH survivors here, you may find it helpful to read some of their profiles as many have told their story there. All the best to you and your mom!

Is she able to walk around now, you are going to want to think, walker or wheelchair, support bars around bath or shower, around toilet. this all depends how she responds, when mine happen i could not walk well at all so i went to a Nursing Home for rehab for 3 months. If she is on Medicare they will cover a certain portion. I guess all else I can say is good luck, i am sure there are people at the hospital that can help you with anything else you may need to get.

the wisdom I received when my husband’s aneurysm ruptured in March was to be prepared for a long journey; the healing can be slow and think of the healing journey as a dance, i.e. not every step is forward, there are side and even back steps, so keep the big picture in mind. Best wishes for you and your Mom.

Thank you all for your replies. My apologies for not responding sooner. It has been a long week and a half. Here’s an update. Mom was awake and responding from 2 days then she got a high fever. That lasted 2 more days. Thankfully Sunday the fever broke and she’s been alert and responding. All the nurses were shocked that she was doing so well considering the condition she started in. She is still intubated because she has some fluids and they were worried about pneumonia but she is breathing on her own. They are looking to take the tube out soon.This has been a roller coaster ride. I never realized that an aneurysm could create so many obstacles but whatever condition she is in when she is ready to come home we can deal with. I’m ready for it.

You are her angel.......thank you for taking such good care and concern for her. I had a bleed and surgery 11/21/14 and had two clips and the nurses and doc's were shocked as well I went back to work full time in Feb. NO after affects except the tightness to my scalp from surgery. I educate people now and they listen. I even saw that white light they talk about and the pain went away and I felt like someone was giving me a big hug. The medics then arrive and rushed me to a trauma center where I had surgery. keep your faith and keep loving your Mom I will pray for her and you. You are her ANGEL. PS I didn't have faith prior to the bleed now I do and I almost went over to the other side.

The hospital social worker should be able to help you. There are resources that can help when you get home. Everyone is different, but I have memory issues still and a few minor things. The fact that your mom is doing so well after 2 days is very encouraging. Time has been my ally. Also if you can find a local support group on aneurysms, that will help you and your mom loads. Good luck. I have found this site to be very supportive and helpful.