Waiting for surgery

My mum is still awaiting brain surgery to clip her aneurysm being cancelled 4 times now due to the lack of hdu beds has enyone else being trough this the waiting and being canceld all the time is putting real strain on us all

Hi Sophie…i am also waiting for surgery / coiling schedule… It can be frustrating… But i then remind myself that it is in the Lords hands, and his plan… My Drs prescription…Prayer

We are an international site...and I see this often in other countries and feel so awful that you all have to wait so long to get your surgery done...~ Prayers out to you...this will happen sooner than later...~ Colleen

I waited 1.5 months from discovery to surgery. They do rate these and would trust that they caught it in time that others with critical cases are bumping you. It doesn’t make your worry any less and very stressful. I fel like a ticking time bomb. Take care and good luck.

Hi Sophie

I can understand how stressful and frustrating a position it is to be in when the scheduled aneurysm repair operation gets put back due to lack of beds in HDU. I found myself in this position when I had my original coiling operation here in the UK in 2011. You just have to try and remember that someone who has probably just had an aneurysm rupture has had to be brought in for emergency treatment and taken the bed. Very hard to be on the receiving end of such a delay though I know. Carolyn

Hello, yes, I was cancelled twice. Both times I was undressed, in bed, in a gown ready to go down for the procedure. First time was because of people admitted overnight who needed emergency procedures and took priority and the second time because no HDU/ITU bed. I sympathize with your Mum. I found it so stressful having to go through the 48-24 hour pre op anxiety over and over again. I hope it works out for her and you next time.

Thanks for replying now we are awaiting an mir scan to see if it has grown if it has there saying they may not be able to go ahead my mum had a burst ani in 2010 and it was really upsetting seeing my mum in pain like that I just don’t no how much more we can take

Sophie how is your mom