Its been cancelled

.......... After waiting nearly 5 months to have my 17mm annie coiled/stented I heard today that my operation which was scheduled for Monday has been cancelled. I am sooooooo disappointed and frustrated. Caro

What a bummer! I hope they are going to reschedule it for you. Did they tell you why? I wonder if they may have an emergency to take care of.

They have had some acute cases come in, i.e. ruptures so they, quite rightly, have to take priority and it means that they can’t do my coiling as well as my annie has not ruptured. It is a regional hospital here and there is only one interventional radiologist to do the ops. If the hospital cancels then they are bound to reschedule within 28 fays but it is going to be a long hard wait.


What a disappointment... where are you located and can you transfer to another hospital?


Awwww !! did u ask yyy ? check this doctor out , Dr.Laligam Sekhar ..he is a miraculous doctor ,I don't know where u live but it is worth the trip to Seattle , WA..good luck but dont live the annie alone ..look for another dr.

Good luck!!

I am sorry to hear this news.

I am so sorry to hear this Caro. I can truly understand how disappointed you are!...

Did they say when you would hear about a new time or can that take up to 28 days?

Your in my prayers..



Again, where are you located? Efffes noted Seattle...and, that could be grand; however, it may be easier / better if you tell all the members here where you are they may offer more options if closer to you.



Hello from WA ST...Do you attend the group support meetings @ Harborview? The one coming up is next Wednesday, the 26th... I do not generally attend because of distance... do occasionally... in better weather...


Oh, how frustrating. Personally, I would rather wait til the dr and staff were not tired, overworked, and in a rush to get home. I would prefer to be rescheduled. I would want a fresh dr. Well rested. Either way it still is a bummer for you. I hope you get a procedure date soon. Best of luck, like an appointment next week not another five months, that’s just wrong.

Bless Your Heart Caro...

I am so upset for You...why? I don't understand...

Gotcha in my Prayers...!

Hi Pat, no I can’t transfer to another hospital. Here in UK it is a national health service and you have to go where you are directed. It is under-resourced, hence the fact that we have so few surgeons able to do the procedure in any of the hospitals. Also here, we do not have the level of screening which you seem to have in the USA with your private health schemes. Literally your family has to be dropping like flies with ruptured brain aneurysms before you can get a screening scan. My annie was picked up by chance as I had other problems and had a brain scan to check out my pituitary gland. This means that there are far more acute cases presenting at the specialist hospitals, i.e. ruptured aneurysms as has happened with the hospital I was due to be admitted to on Mon so they obviously have priority and non-ruptures keep getting pushed back until there is a free slot.

Hi Kimberley, the neuro's PA is supposed to be ringing me on Monday at lunchtime to let me know what they have sorted out for me. I am hoping that they will offer me another slot well within the 28 days.

I have been following your posts and I am really sorry that you have been having so much trouble with the swelling below your eye. Hope that the cause can be identified soon without further surgical intervention. Regards Caro

Hi Colleen, its a bit of a bummer. They have some acute cases i.e. ruptures which take priority so they will be operating on them this weekend and into Monday when I should have been having my op which why mine has been cancelled. Thanks for the prayers - I need them, all this waiting and now this cancellation is very stressful.

i live in the Washington,DC area in Northern VA…the most pressing issue is to get rehab fro my hubby.


I don't know what to tell you but waiting could be risky cuz u don't get a prewarning when the annie ruptures. Annies run in my family and I have lost 2 family meembers from ruptures a survivor myself ,,but my annie didn't rupture. Good luck but keep pestering or go to the ER

I live in washington,DC area …thanks anyway for the referral

I’m so sorry - the added stress is the pits. I’m reminded of trying and trying and trying to get pregnant - each month (as the months added up) feeling the lost opportunity, then having a couple miscarriages — and what got me through was the belief that WHEN it happened (a baby!) it would be as it was meant to be, for some reason, and probably for a reason that I would never understand. So I guess I would try to think for you that somehow, in some way, this was meant to be and is ultimately in your best interest. We just don’t know how the world works - and sometimes it works in ways that don’t feel too workable - but you will eventually get your surgery and it WILL WILL WILL be successful! (and ps - i have 3 kids!)

Hi Jennifer, you are so right about things being meant to be. I woke up last Friday feeling a bit ropey and put it down to pre op nerves and was quite disappointed when the hospital contacted me to cancel my coiling op. But, by the Friday evening, I had full blown flu so would not have been well enough to have had the operation today anyway. The hospital have now rearranged my op for Friday of this week. They are aware that I am recovering from flu and as long as I am OK at the end of the week they will go ahead.

If I had developed flu and then rang the hospital to ask them to cancel my op I would have gone to the back of the queue and could have waited weeks and weeks again for a slot. Because the hospital cancelled it they are obliged to reschedule it for as soon as possible. So, as you say, it was meant to be! Caro