Vision problems and migraines

Well first I would like to say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.I do believe is precious because a blink of a eye everything can change.I am so greatful for this sight even if I don’t get on it often a enough.The migraines are still there,but how many of us have vision problems.I seem to have pain in the eyes.The lights hurt them but even just watching T.V. I will see lines horizontal.and blurry.Just would like to know if anyone else goes there this.

Hey Debbie, I to have pain in my eyes sometimes more in the left.The light also seems to be an issue oh wait maybe I shouldn't have been looking to close to that light bulb!!LOL Gotta keep the humor but seriously is the light all the time for you or just certain times of the day.Oh ya and the blurry vision definately.Im often scowling and squinting and everyone always assumes I'm mad or in a bad mood.Im sorry you are going thru this I will say a prayer for you:)

thanks again just glad to be here.It is a surgery and my Annie was behind my right eye.I had a eye doctor think I had M.S but it was not that.I walked out on the 3rd morning.Family has gotten use to a darker Crouse.They get the living room and they can turn on lights.My room is not as bright so I hang in there alot.It is fine I mean come on we survived a aneurysm.We are all strong people and so are their families.<3

thanks for the response it defiantly makes it hard with Texas sunshine guess I will get a good floppy hat.Dark Shades.And that should help.Need to also set up a eye appointment<3

Oh Debbie...I am so sorry this is happening to you...hopefully surgery will help all of this, what are Doctors doing for you currently until surgery is scheduled...? Gotcha in my thoughts...Colleen


Happy Valentine's Day to you also!!!!

So good to hear the sight is better and better...

did you have surgery? I have gotten two cateracts from my rupture but im alive.

Tomorrow will be 5 months since mine ruptured. My vision definately changed for the worse. My eye doctor had a very difficult time finding contacts that would work for me but she did :) I had horrible headaches after the rupture & in December I ended up having a shunt put in. It has helped with the headaches a lot but I still get them.