Visual Disturbances

I posted this in the pregnancy forum as well, but this one is a little more active and you all had the same procedure as me so I think they can make a difference. Quick back ground, I'm 17 weeks pregnant, PED placed in 8/2011, diagnosed with complex migraines & ocular migraines, off all meds since Feb 2013.

I'm just going to paste my comment from the other forum instead of retyping, which is why I gave the quick synopsis. :)

I've been having visual disturbances lately. I keep seeing flashes of light and I'll loose half the sight in my right eye. My annie is behind my right eye and there was a risk of the PED covering the main artery to that eye causing vision loss. But the PED was placed in 2011 so I would think it would be weird to have these symptoms now. I have had ocular migraines in the past but I'm off all meds for the pregnancy. Could this just be more ocular migraines? I'm getting them almost every night. The OB was a little concerned but since their was no protein in the urine they really can't do anything. I put a call into my neuroradiologist (sadly my neurologist moved away and I never got a new one) but I was curious if anyone else has experienced this.

Any suggestions??

I have a friend who does not have an aneurysm; however, she has ocula migraines that begin with one have having half vision. Then that begins to disappear and the zagged lines are on the outside of both eyes. All begins to fade and is gone in 30- 40 minutes. You might look at the option of discussing this with an opthamologist. Good licl.


Thanks Susan! My sister thought it was an ocular as well. I've gotten the ones with the kaleidoscope of colors that start in a small circle in the middle of my eye and work their way out to the outer edge. Strangest thing ever. I told my eye dr at my last exam and he agreed it was an ocular migraine. Hopefully that's all this is. My neuroradiologist said it's probably just the extra blood flow and another pregnancy symptom. Right now, he prefers no testing because of the danger to the baby. Will have my yearly angio as soon as the baby is born. :)

Hi Melissa, I am 4 years post PED and my annie permanently damaged trigeminal nerve, 5 year continuos headache. I was having floaters in right eye where annie was, then started to lose vision, happenening several times a day. The artery going to my eye was covered by the PED and when they took me off Plavix and aspirin it clogged the artery going to my eye, called amorosis fugax. Put me back on Plavix and have been ok for past two years. It is a common occurrence in PED's if they cover artery supplying blood to eye.

Hope all is well and not a problem anymore?

Rick longest PED patient in group I think?

Hi! I had my PED placed last April 2013, behind my right eye. At first there was a few ocular migraines with the wavy, zig zag lines and circles that started in a small circle and worked out to bigger. Then when they took me off Plavix the first time at 3 months post surgery, 4 days later I had 99% loss of vision in my right eye that lasted 5 minutes or so...diagnosed by my neurosurgeon as amaurosis fugax (TIA in the eye). Back on the Plavix and an 81mg aspirin. A couple months later, a milder version of the loss of vision, this time a central loss of vision in my right eye but a much smaller area that again lasted a few minutes. After a few days in the hospital testing, again diag with amaurosis fugax. Now, a couple weeks ago, they tried taking me off Plavix again and just kept me on a 325mg aspirin. Eight days later, loss of central vision in the right eye just like the previous episode. So, now my neurosurgeon has decided I'll be on Plavix for life. First he went with no aspirin, and as my luck would have it, another amaurosis fugax episode happened a few days later. Hopefully, by staying with the Plavix plus a 325mg aspirin both, I will not have any more of these TIA's in my is always scary to lose your vision, even for a few minutes. But, I am so thankful it was not anything permanent. Each time, they instruct me to go to the ER in case a full blown stroke is coming behind it. I'm thinking my blood is just too thick on it's own to get through that pipeline stent.