Vision problems

Hi all,

My mom had a SAH at the basilar tip artery on January 20. On 2/19 she had 2 aneurysms clipped. She’s still having a lot of vision problems but they are getting better, slowly.

Today we saw an ophthalmologist. He seemed to think that her vision wouldn’t get better(even though it slowly has improved since the rupture). I’ve read a lot on this board and it seems like 6-7 weeks after a rupture is too early to say there will likely be no more improvement. I was thinking about a neuro ophthalmologist consult. Have any of you had to consult a neuro ophthalmologist?

And if you had vision problems after your SAH, did they improve? Is there anything that helps?

Thanks so much!

Hi Mimi !

I think it would be a great idea to see the Neuro Ompthamoligist, as it surely couldn't hurt. When my aneurysm was growing on the night I had the headache from hell, the aneurysm literally pushed one of my optic nerves out of its way and the (3rd) cranial nerve snapped in two, resulting in complete double vision for me as well as an eye left with zero muscle control. I had a clipping done within 2 days of that happening but afterwards I still had the double vision/lack of muscle control (It freaked me out quite a bit) BUT it slowly healed up, took about 4 months or so, but it did heal, I regained complete use of my left eye and no more double vision to deal with. I still had the same nearsitedness I'd always had, no worse or better then before the annie. They'd given me an eye-patch to wear over that eye after surgery but I never used it, just squinted a lot ! So perhaps there is hope for your Moms eyesight, I sure hope so ! Peace , Janet