UP-DATE--After Surgery Problems

After more then 3 weeks since my surgery for clipping of a 6mm aneurysm behind my right eye I still feel that the right side of my face is swollen and my sight out of the right eye does not seem to be better. I called the doctor at the begining of the week to ask if this was normal. He felt that my swelling should be gone and decided he wanted an eye specialist to see me sooner then 1-2 months after surgery. I met with the eye specialist this morning who said that he did not believe there is nerve damage or that I might have had some sort of mini stroke. That was what my mom wanted me to ask about sine I have drooping of the right eyelid and brow.

I was very glad to hear he felt that my biggest problem is swelling both inside and outside my eye. How long this lasts he did not know. I have another meeting with my neuro next week. He wants to check the swelling himself.

Is there anyone else who has problems with either the swelling and or eye. I would like to get an idea of how long this has lasted on others.

Thank You all


I can't be the only one that has these problems. Can I?


I did have swelling till this past week. Monday I will be at five weeks. I haven't had the vision problems though.

Was your aneurysm unruptured or ruptured?

Hi Gisela.

It was an unruptured aneuyrsm...

Hi kimberley,

I had my surgery on nov 15th 2010. i had a little swelling but not much and no problem with my eyes.they did tell me to sleep in a recliner for about 5 days to keep sweelling down. let us know what they say after app.


Mine was as well. Mine was on the left side. Are you sleeping elevated? The nurses told me to continue to sleep elevated and I still do. If lay too flat my head starts pounding. I have the weirdest pains and feelings from this surgery. Nothing feels normal anymore but I'm getting there. Hang in Kimberley it will get better let us know what the doctor says.

Hi Everyone!

Just to keep you all updated on my visit with my neuro surgeon today. The problems I have with my eye and facial swelling he says is not totally normal and that expecially the swelling he thought would have been gone after a couple of weeks but he does believe that this is not something that is going to last forever. He believes that I am just one of those people that this is going to take a little longer to return to normal and reassured me that he does think it will return to normal. He said that I need to give it more time 1-2 months and I see him again in 3 months. The even better new is that he said I have NO MORE aneuryms in my head and the one he clipped he said is gone and will remain gone!!!!!!....Now I can say I am an aneurysm survivor!!!!!

Thanks to you all...



That is great news!!! Sorry you are going through all the swelling though!!! Other than that how are you feeling?? I leave tomorrow for my surgery… Thank you for all your support and hopefully I will be talking to you soon about my recovery!!! Love to you!!

Hello guys,

My clipping was 9/17/10 and I had swelling for awhile , now the only time it swells is when i stress, as for my vision, it's diffrent has blurry moments, usually associated with light. I am still having hair issues. It has just stopped falling out in patches from the angios. I used to have beautiful hair now I like a mushroom. Dr Baker shaved about a quarter of it over the left eye for my crani and My hairdresser is trying to work around it....I even bought a wig to make me feel better, it worked made me feel like a girl again. Hope this helps, If you have any other questions just ask. This site has been fabulous at helping get through what I have been through.

Hey Georgeann.

You said you had swelling for awhile..Do you remember about how long?

I am 35 days post op and still have noticable swelling. At times it looks great then other times its very noticable..I feel the vision problem is best when the swelling is less...