Vision issues after rupture

I got wet macular degeneration in my left eye in 2006 so I got used to having vision in one eye. I still had peripheral vision in the left eye. After I ruptured l lost the perephial vision in the left eye. My vision in my right eye kept getting worse and I had cataracts… both eyes. The first opthalmologist said he would want to wait to do anything until it was absolutely necessary because of the potential of what could go wrong. The specialist signed me right up. The right eye one week then the left a week later. Don’t do it… just don’t. I have Visine, Thera-tears and Refresh and nothing has stopped the itching and tears. My opthalmologist said it’s dry eyes… never had dry eye before. Another has guessed allergies… I have had allergies as long as I can remember and it never affected my eyes. I just found out that they didn’t put my aneurysm rupture or SAH stroke on my chart. I got my glasses and have endured them for about 2 weeks but it’s miserable I guess the good news is I have my next appointment in 6 months.

@Mary, you replied to a topic that was 10-11 years old, so I’ve created a new one! I am also on eye drops due to dry eyes, it happened after I ruptured. I’ve had allergies since I moved to NC back in the late ‘80’s. I do occasionally use a warm tea bag to ease the redness and itchiness if the drops I can use between the prescription drops are having a difficult time, seems to help me as long as the tea bag isn’t coming straight out of my tea mug,

I do that with old posts a lot. I don’t pay attention to the date when I find the subject and just dive in. Thanks for finding me in the woods and leading me out. I will try to follow bread crumbs in the future.

You’re too funny! If you’re still having problems with your glasses, it makes me wonder if they made them wrong. There’s a way the ophthalmologist’s office can check them so you might reach out. I had a prescription once years ago that was way too wrong and quite wearing them. Someone where I worked at gave me what for and I went by the office, they checked them within about 15 minutes and my proper prescription was reordered.

I’m going to have to do or call somebody. I just eep putting it off each day. And if I can pitter patter around for another 20 minutes all 3 offices will be closed today. Isn’t the same always put off today what you can do tomorrow?? Well, it’s something like that, I’m pretty sure.

That procrastination can really get us, can’t it? I like the one that says something like in a year from now, you may wish you started today. The last CBT therapist I worked with gave me a better idea- “Just do it”:joy: