Wonderful vision problem news

I had my PED in Jun for a 10mm aneurysm. Over the last few months the vision in my right eye is getting worse. I have been to two eye doctors."no nothing is wrong with your eye". My neursurgeon tells me no this type of vision problem cant be caused from PED. I know I am loosing my vision, doctor #3, third time my eyes are dialated, he takes 3 seconds, "you have cataracts". He could not believe the other two doctors couldnt see them. THANK YOU God. I will have them fixed in January, after I am off the meds.

Hi Denise...I have much to say about the misdiagnosis....but will hold my comments to myself...lol...because I am truly happy your pursued this issue and found a Doctor that found your eye problem...~ Colleen

A simple cataracts???????I was dancing the jig, but at the same time thinking..are you kidding me, I THOUGH I WAS GOING BLIND in my right EYE..I will stop by the other drs. offices and let them know. the other doctors werent optomotrist the were optomologists..ok, i am calm. it is good news.lol

I agree...good for you that you are letting other Doctors know...~ and when they say nothing is wrong...Don't they look at you..."like your crazy?"....that is what I hate...

hahahaha...Bask in the glory that it is "simple cataracts news" ~ Wishing you a great day ~ Colleen

hi Denise! my hats off to you! a shining example of perseverance!wtg. thank you for posting this will inspire others to not back off & take no for an answer“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

I had the same problem. After my aneurysm ruptured my head filled with blood. This caused me to lose my vision for 20 days. After the surgery to get the blood from behind my eyes my vision was restored. I came home but then my eyesight started going downhill. The surgeon sent me to my regular eye dr. He checked didn’t find anything. Sent me to another specialist. Every test on the planet was done only to tell me he didn’t know what was wrong. Went back to the surgeon. He said he saw the beginnings of cataracts. There was a lot of going back and forth but finally I have had one surgery. I have good sight now in my right eye. Looking forward to having the other eye done. I had surgeons say these types of cataracts are hard to notice unless you know what do look for. Good thoughts and prayers that they will get your vision problems fixed.

That is funny Myra, why wouldnt they be looking for that! it is so common. Especially when I kept saying "I am loosing my vision!"..and they were ????It all good now,Love your comment RonK.

OMG, that's bordering on hilarious, Denise! So glad it's something fixable! =)


Denise...you look way too young to have cataracts...

Did any of the ophthalmologists or other docs referr you to a neuro-ophthalmalogist? None of mine did; long-term personal friends asked their ophthalmalogist about my conditions for which I could not get answers...their oph told them I needed referral to neuro-oph...

Please google data on the cranial nerves...and, ask your neuro about the CN II, III, IV, V, VI...and, the anatomical location of CN III and VIII...

What did your oph explain about potential auses of early cataracts?

Wishes and prayers for a great weekend...and great findings on the cranial nerves...


P.S. ... my thoughts run wild...PED was FDA approved for the ICA...so how close is your aneurysm to the ophthalmic artery branch?

My cataracts were the result of the surgeon going in and getting the blood out. They are not the typical " old people " ( doc 's description not mine lol) cataracts.

NO WAY am I going to research cranial nerves CN , hell I just tried to type it in to the post and I got irratated. You have burst my bubble. rained on my parade..lol. dec 12 is the big day if my stomach doesnt cause it to be earlier. .just right around the corner. btw, I am 58..not to young for anything.

My cataract surgery was a piece of cake. Hardest thing was getting the I.V. In my hand. After that I was asleep for a bit then woke up when the dr told me to move my head a certain way. Didnt feel a thing then on to recovery then i went home. Next day bandages came off & I could see clearly out of that eye. Looking forward to getting the next eye done.

It is funny Myra, I keep wanting to check a Like It box..

I try to stay off websites that bring me down, you never really know for sure about anything.

Me too. Don’t watch reality shows either. Got enough reality in my life. Lol!

Denise- I had cataract surgery on my R eye (due to complications from a vitrectomy- Terson's Syndrome, both eyes). The only thing that bugs me is I HAVE to wear reading glasses now b/c they replaced to "real" lens - was hoping for 20/20 vision, unfortunately, the scarring was worse than feared- BUT with corrective lenses, my vision is 20/20! I really have nothing to complain about- I was blind for months- happiest day of my life is when, after my L eye vitrectomy- I could see!!! I was 46

Pat, I was 46 and had to have cataract surgery on my R eye b/c of scarring due to a torn retina during Vitrectomy surgery (Terson's Syndrome- both eyes. R eye done about 2 months after clipping- L eye done about 6 months after clipping)

I had hoped that by having the cataract surgery, I wouldn't need glasses for my R eye to see long distance- unfortunately, they were not able to "get" all of the scarring safely so I made the decision to stop treatment after the surgery and 2 additional laser treatments. The good news is that after 6 months of not being able to see- with corrective lenses, I could see! ...yet another miracle!

Dr. did a sonagram (i think it was a sonagram) lots of pictures of my eyeball and he said the retina is fine, and the eyeball itself looks fine. Just cataracts. My parents were both in their 40's when they had cataract surgery.

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