Vertigo after coiling, will it stop?

In March I had coiling in a large paraophthalmic aneurysm on the left ICA. The aneurysm is compressing the optic nerve which led to the diagnosis. In May, a flow diverter will be placed.

The doctors prepared me for decreased vision during the recovery period but I’m finding that vertigo is the worst complication. Today I was told that my medical team haven’t heard of this side effect, but I see that several of our members have reported it.

I’m wondering if anyone has had a positive outcome. Successful treatment of the aneurysm is the most important factor, of course and I’m grateful that it was discovered!

Ms. Linda, I get it occasionally now, it was worse the first year or so. but I found this.

I’m guessing we fit into the stroke/ head trauma. It never hurts to go to an ENT


In my first 3 years of recovery, I suffered from chronic vertigo. The spinning sensation does lasts just a few seconds but I was getting 80 attacks a day. In my case, my annie ruptured in the brain stem near the vestibularcochea nuclei resulting vestibular loss in the right side (40%) which explained my imbalance and difficulty walking up the stairs. But, also, there was an abnormal interaction between my eye movements and vestibular system. It also caused double vision. So, my vertigo was related to both imbalance as well as double vision and abnormal response between vestibular/ocular movements. In particular, I have problems walking in a narrow hallway which will induce a vertigo episode. In my visual vertigo episodes, if I close my eyes, the vertigo will go away. I was finally had the right diagnosis and treatment so I hardly have any more vertigo complaints but in those earlier days, it was a struggle. I recommend getting an eye examination and ask specifically for a double vision test. Also, your Neurologist can do an examination whether you have abnormal eye movements (nystagmus) which is another sign of neurological deficit. The above is based on my experience. I do not have a medical background but just sharing my experience as I know vertigo well. You look great on the outside but dizzy in the inside. Good luck. Hope that you will start feeling better.

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Thank you for sharing your experience and I’m happy to learn that your vertigo problem has decreased. You’ve given me some possible causes to pursue; much appreciated!

It is heartening to learn that you noticed improvement after the first year. Thank you for sharing this positive information!