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Constant vertigo after 6 years

I had a double aneurysm six years ago. It was treated with a coiling procedure. The vertigo started about 3 years after the procedure and is constant. Sometimes it seems to flare up and gets worse and I find it difficult to walk or go anywhere. I seldom have nausea, but there is no medication or therapy because it is not caused by problems in my ears, but it is apparently in my brain. Does anyone have any ideas how I can deal with this to make it more bearable? I have had CT scans and MRI’s - but nothing can be done to help.

I am sorry you are dealing with this!

Hi Judith,

I suffered from chronic vertigo after my ruptured aneurysm. In my case, the ruptured occurred in the brainstem close to nerve VIII (vestibularcochea nuclei). I suffered a minor stroke and was diagnosed a Central Vestibulopathy. What I explained to my multiple physicians is that it was not one big vertigo but numerous small episodes that last 15-30 secs. But, I would get 80 of these attacks a day so I was constantly dizzy. How long do your episodes last? In my case, my vestibular system (sense of balance) is in conflict with my vision. So, I have torsional nystagmus and double vision. Visual environments trigger my episodes like narrow hallways or large spatial environments like a shopping mall. Do you know what triggers your vertigo? I was taking a journal and figured out the what triggered my episodes. I did get treatment through a vestibular exercise, prism glasses and medication (daily -Gabapentin). I know that you mentioned that it is not related to your ears; however, did you see an Otologist who are specialized neuro-ENT? There are battery of tests involving both central and peripheral (ears) issues. I was eventually seen by a Neuro-Ophlamalogist but the Otologist provided key data. Breathing exercises is another coping mechanism. Good luck. I suffered for 3.5 years until I got the final diagnosis and treatment after seeing 7 physicians.

Have you been to a Otolaryngologist? (ENT) as 2 Fight asked? And the specialists all want the journaling done as it helps them with the diagnosis. Doesn’t have to be a diary, just note date, time, what you were doing, what happened. Make rows and columns if it helps,

Here’s a long, very long article written on current practices for diagnosis and it’s three years old!po=13.2576

The one who I found was at the teaching hospital where I was Treated for SAH. You may have to travel a fair way to get to them. A very dear friend gets vertigo quite a bit with no headaches but the Neurologist called it silent migraine, or migraine NOS (not otherwise specified- a big pot of catching diagnosis where the doc knows something is wrong but doesn’t quite have enough for definitive diagnosis) I would start with the Neuro ENT and if they can’t help, see a Neurologist. And do the journal as 2Fight suggests!