Urgent advice

We are now into our second year of recovery after to small sub cranial bleeds. We have had bad news this week with our daughter finally being told that she will not win our fight against her cancer. My wife has had a headache for three days and all efforts to lower her blood pressure appear to be failing. It is not dangerously high but at 155/110. Is it time to go to hospital?????

Yes seek medical attention...that bottom number is high...God Bless you and your family on all that is going on...~ Colleen

Please update on status...so regret for you all what you are experiencing...prayer continues for you all...


Please keep us posted about your wife and daughter. I am sorry you are in such a difficult situation at this time. Sending positive energy and good wishes your way.

Hi! just saw this, so sorry it is so hard to watch a loved one lose their battle, I watched 2 sisters and a brother do this two of which were cancer, my hodgekins lymphoma I beat 25 yrs ago the chemo is very effective- over 90% so I was lucky in that regard

How are you making out ? has the bp dropped any? tc, hang in there andlook ahead to better days, keeping you in thoughts and prayers~~

Thanks Pat, I am beginning to think that we are in the middle of an epic struggle and my thoughts go out to all who have experienced what we are going through. I will let you know how e get on

Thanks all to those sending us your prayers and good wishes. The fight to avoid another aneurysm with my wife is now on in earnest. We have learned from experience that positive thoughts and well wishes go along way to assisting in the fight.

So all of your kind words are much appreciated. No my wife's BP is now up over 180/110. We have developed a battle plan but as most of you know, it is easier for the medical profession to deal with such events after they occur rather than being proactive.

So on my wife's front any experiences that you have had to assist will be warmly welcomed. My thoughts also go out to all of you. The more you tread this road, the one positive is the boundless ability for love and support from strangers and in a sense that makes the fight worthwhile and human

Of you haven’t gone already GO to the ER. My Neuro surgeon said if I ever get another migraine to go directly to the ER.