Update on the Thyroid issues

Well… It looks like I have become hyperthyroid… And they think it’s from all the Iodine in the CT scans with contrast and angiograms… I’ve had a total of 5 CTs and 2 angios… Good news it can be fixed… just going to take a few months… (Hope I wont gain that weight back… lol)

That certainly makes sense!

Princess...thank you for sharing this info...

Were yours CTs and/or CTA's w/the contrast?

Hi Princess...I am glad they found the problem...but it seems the fix of one thing, leads to another thing...and another thing...frustrating at least, but alive at best...take care and keep us posted on this situation...

Have a beautiful day...! Hugs Colleen

With contrast


So glad you found out what was causing your problem. Please keep us posted on what they do to fix this. I am curious!!!


Thanks, and, please do update us on your results...I am pleased you got them.

Sometime, in future, would love to ask / share more on the affect/effect on the pituitary to the thyroid...i.e. location of the aneurysm, coiled, clipped, if ruptured / non-ruptured for treatment.

It is like another hidden story of potential pituitary related issues.

Prayers for your reocvery and that you keep us updated.