Anyone with Thyroid issues

Has any one had thyroid issues after clipping?? I have been so tired, I mean so very tired… and have lost 12 lbs. now… they did some blood work and my TSH is rock bottom… Any one else with this stuff going on??

Hi Princess..

Ok this is the second time I am posting this..LOL

I did not have this problem after clipping but I did have it before. I have been taking Levaxin for year's now..

Hi Princess...I haven't had thyroid, but other issues...Stomach and esphagus related...

I do hope the Doctors help you out...Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

I have had 2 coiling procedures so far, one in 2002 and one in 2003. I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism in April of this year. I don’t believe that my thyroid issue is related to the coilings - rather that it runs in my family. My thyroid was tested after rupture because they wanted to rule out that issue relative to my short term memory issues.

I've been borderline Hypo for about 4 years or more. I'm getting my bi-annual test this week. For me it seems stress brings on the tiredness. My wife amazed how at times I can eat like a pig and not gain a single pound but in fact lose weight. I'm with you Princess I'm getting tired of being tired. My bucket list of chores has grown so large I might have to hire someone to get it under control.

If it's borderline again, I think I'll tell my Doctor "Uncle" and see if medication will help.

Princess...think research needs to be done on it. Our pituitary is essentially at the base of the brain and it regulates the other glands. There have been a number who have addresssed thyroid issues. Do you know if your aneurysm was near the pituitary area; i.e. putting pressure on it, or?

I also think some of us had thyroid issues decades before a rupture...or early diagnosis; forgive me for not remembering if you had a rupture or not.

Are you on thyroid med?

Hugs and prayers for good results.



Your comment is overwhelming my minimal thought process...are you still on the med?

Thinking of you and your healing.