Update on Cordie- Late

Hi all. I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner; it has been quiet a week!

Cordie's surgery was a success as far as clipping of the annie goes. Unfortunately, it put her into an awful cycle of the worst migraines of her life and her recovery has not been as easy as she had hoped. We are home now with our girls and Cordie is doing better.

Please keep praying for her healing. Her vision has always been beyond perfect and she is having issues with her vision post op. We weren't expecting this and she is a bit discouraged by it, but we are hopeful that our Lord is the Great Healer and He will take care of her.

She asked me to update you last week, but it has been such a whirlwind. I hope that you understand. Cordie will check back as soon as she can and as soon as she can read the computer screen. Thank you all for your prayers and support!


Rich (Cordie's Husband!)

Oh yes we so understand...Thank you for the update Rich...and so glad that Cordie's surgery was a success...now she must rest and heal...things will get better...it is just a long journey...sometimes the littlest improvements are big for us brain survivors...Be sure to take some time out for you as this can be hard on the caretaker...My prayers go out to Cordie, You and the Family....God Bless...~ Colleen

hi Rich,Cordie~ so kind of you to let us know so we can join in prayer, things will improve-hopefully immensely . Thank you,ps- please tell her to think positive and we are all pulling for her and the family