Update on anni repairs

just clicked on again and saw i had reply ty im coping with my 2 anni ops last one was in oct just gone the first was on oct of 2014 that was a biggi and i was told i only had 1/7 chance of coming thru it i did thank god my 2nd was thru my groin again and to be honest it wasent very nice had to go bk into hospital several weeks later im ok had my 60th birthday party organised by my siblings it was brilliant have stopped smoking although im using a e cigarette but considering how much i use to smoke im not doing to bad my consultants have been brilliant i had both ops at coventry&wark hospital cannot praise them enough having my mir scan but had one when i had to go back in hospital that appeared ok will see what this one says in the meantime got 2 weddings coming up one in april one in june looking forward to them i get very tired cannot sleep very well at night so i just sleep thru the late morning we will have probs its not natural to have metal bits in our brains but we are here take care everyone from me in england and ty for all your support when i first found i had these conditions talk to you all soon be strong take no b.s and enjoy life

Thank you for the update! You have so much on the horizon-two weddings! I think these minimally invasive operations take a bit more out of us when we cross into senior citizen territory, so it isn’t surprising that you need to sleep late. It takes time for our bodies to heal. Did you ask your doc why you might not be sleeping at night? It could be that your circadian rhythm is a bit off and needs to be re-adjusted.

Sonia, you have been busy and it doesn’t seem like it will slow down for a bit! Good for you! Get a routine going to help you sleep at night. And search here and other places for putting that rhythm back to where you want it. I go to bed usually around 10:00 pm and up between 6-6:30 am. Spring is here in North Carolina and I am back working in the yard as much as possible. Thanks for the update, I’m still chuckling over your last sentence!