Update, its been about a year

hey guys its been a year... not sure if some of you remember my posts concerning my mothers ruptured brain aneurysm a year ago but just just to give you guys an update... my mom is doing fine, actually shes doing very well. shes gained movement in her left arm and left leg and now is up and walking again... physically wise she is doing great.. better than expected.. mentally wise she is still suffering from short term memory.. shes living in the moment... but shes happy in her own little world! :)

Glad your mom is improving. I still have some short term memory problems. I just decided some things weren’t worth remembering. Lol. I have become the sticky note queen. If I don’t write things down when I think of them they are forgotten… At least until I have the thought again. It’s very frustrating. Keep us posted.

Ah this is Wonderful News...Tell mom..."Happy 1 Annie~Versary"....~ wishing all a beautiful day ~ Colleen

I am so happy that your mom is walking! Short term memory issues seem to be a common issue for most us. Thank you for updating us. I do a lot of living in the moment, because I don't know what I will remember and what I won't! :) and like Myra I have to write things down. Have a blessed day!