Mom - Update!

Hi All,

I wanted to provide a quick update on my mom. She had her aneurysm clipped on May 9, and while the surgery went well, but suffered from seizures immediately after and then fell into a coma. She did wake up on her own (thank goodness) about two weeks later and was hospitalized for 30 days when we had anticipated and hoped it would be a 3 day stint. Got to love the unexpected! We were extremely fortunate and mom came back fully intact neurologically - all her memories included (except for the morning of her surgery which she doesn't really remember). She was transferred to another hospital unit for physical therapy since she weakened considerably in the coma. After about 1 week of in-patient physical therapy, she was released home and is currently in out-patient vestibular therapy that she will finish up later in the Fall.

She recently went for a 3 month follow-up angiogram and her aneurysm has shriveled up - so she is technically aneurysm free now!

She remains on the anti-seizure medication Keppra, which the doctor said is fairly common and they will re-evaluate her in a few more months to determine whether she needs to continue on it. Thus far (knock on wood) she has had no additional seizures.

She is starting back at work next week after labor day - and while I think she will find it tiring, I know she is really excited to go back.

The only real side effects she has suffered (besides a smallish dent in her head which she does not like) is that her sense of smell and taste have significantly diminished. She is hopeful they will return in time, but if not - that is not something to stress over when you look at the big picture that we have her and she is doing well!

This forum has been an incredible source of support for me during this long process - even when I have just been a lurker reading your stories, it has really helped me feel less alone - so thank you.

Hello. It is good to read about your Mum's progress and how you have been coping with it all. Like you I lurk. In fact I lurked for about 3 months before I felt well enough to post, but during that time I found the stories so encouraging. Like you I am so grateful to have found support from such a great bunch of people.


Autumn...thank you for this update...

For returning to work...I hope your mom has been able to discuss potential of fatigue w/her employer...and, possibly adjust initial return days...i.e. commute time, varies so much...

Prayers for continued recovery...


hi Autumn! wonderful news about your moms recovery! yes the kepra is standard issue-i had it too & its really effective anti seizure med-i didnt suffer seizures but they said i should take it as a preventative. We'll definately keep her and your family in our prayers. Im glad your here this site has helped me immensly the last 7 months- i wished i found it sooner, i am 3 yrs post sah-so dont lurk as you said, folks here are the most supportive, loving people on the planet! so jump in the "pool" the waters great!! They really care! oh will she working full time or can she start out with reduced hours? My dent in my forehead seems to be "filling" in! i'm not even sure what its from-i'm guessing some kind of pin for stabilization during surgery. Would mom be interested in joining the foundation? i never thought i would be here spillin my guts-LOL-but do tell her that writing somehow helps!!