Update Hope for Recovery

Thank you for all of the people who responded to my original post; I am so pleased to tell you that he is out of ICU and now responding to commands, if you ask a yes or no question he can answer it appropriately, is sitting up in a chair, just so many good things! They are awaiting insurance approval in order to be taken to a new facility to begin his rehab. All of his family (and the doctors!) are in general agreement that it is a miracle and while I know there are still a lot of unknowns and a lot more healing to do, we are now hopeful that we are getting our brother/father/son/husband back! Thank you for your support!


@Laura - so glad to hear the good news. Yes, miracles do happen. I pray for continued healing and improvements. Make sure to take care of yourself and get some rest too.

Such wonderful news ! Thanks God!

Wonderful news!

Laura, the word ‘Miracle’ is Heaven sent. And I am so happy to hear the ‘Good News’. The rest of this is rehab, and sometimes it’s a challenge and sometimes it’s not. From the heart, I think the challenge was for my Wife and not me. She was so worried about how I was going to turn out. But like you said, it was a Miracle. Twenty one years ago I survived all of the odd’s that was against me.
All I can say is, Praise God !


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Wonderful news!


I am so having a good cry for your brother. And for your whole family. You never gave up on the hope for your brother. Will continue to pray for him in rehab. At one time in my life was in hospital for 6 months and couldn’t walk or move my toes. But I was sent to rehab and they worked with me and it also was miracle.
I believe it will really help your brother. One day at time. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you all for your responses and words of encouragement! He is settled in his new facility and we are hoping for good things to come. Best of luck to all of you!

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Oh I am so happy for everyone! Such wonderful news! You are a blessed family. Wishing your brother continued healing and steady progress. You’re a brave family; I’m glad you followed your hearts. Stay strong. Thanks for sharing your uplifting news. God bless.

Another blessing from God ! Keep belieiving and praying !

So glad he is settled in new place. Will continue to pray for each day to get better. And for strength for you each day too!:sunflower::+1:t2:

I am very happy for your brother and you all. This is indeed a miracle.